Anne Manners (C. Westmoreland)

Bridget Manners

Catherine Manners

Edward Manners (3║ E. Rutland)

Elizabeth Manners

Frances Manners (B. Abergavenny)

Francis Manners (6║ E. Rutland)

George Manners (7║ E. Rutland)

George Manners of Haddon Hall (Sir)

Gertrude Manners (C. Shrewsbury)

Henry Manners (2║ E. Rutland)

John Manners (4║ E. Rutland)

John Manners of Haddon Hall (Sir Knight)

Richard Manners of Lapley (Sir Knight)

Roger Manners (5║ E. Rutland)

Roger Manners of Uffington (Esq.)

Thomas Manners (1║ E. Rutland)

Thomas Manners (Sir Knight)

Henry Manning

Margaret Manning (V. Bindon)

Ellis Markham of Laneham (MP)

Isabella Markham

John Markham of Cotham (Sir)

Robert Markham (Sheriff of Nottingham)

Robert Markham (Sir Knight)

Thomas Markham of Ollerton (Esq.)

William Markham of Okley (MP)

Christopher Marlowe

Henry Marney (1║ B. Marney)

John Marney (2░ B. Marney)

John Mason (Sir)

Frances Meautys (V. Bindon)

Anthony Mildmay (Sir)

Thomas Mildmay

Walter Mildmay (Sir)

Reginald Mohun of Hall and Boconnoc (Sir)

Edmund Molyneux of Thorpe (Sir)

Edmund Molyneux of Thorpe

John Molyneux of Mullenwoods

Richard Molyneux (1░ Bt.)

Robert Monson (MP)

Edward Montague (Sir Chief Justice)

Edward Montague of Boughton Castle (Sir Knight)

Edward Montague (1║ B. Montagu of Boughton)

Henry Montague (1║ E. Manchester)

James Montague (Bishop of Winchester)

Sidney Montague of the Middle Temple (Sir Knight)

John Mordaunt (2║ B. Mordaunt of Turvey)

Lewis Mordaunt (3░ B. Mordaunt of Turvey)

George More of Loseley (Sir Knight)

Thomas More (Sir)

Edmund Morgan of Penhow (Sir Knight)

John Morton (Cardinal)


Alexander Neville

Anthony Neville (Sir)

Charles Neville (6░ E. Westmoreland)

Christopher Neville (Sir)

Dorothy Neville (C. Oxford)

George Neville (3║ B. Abergavenny)

Henry Neville (4░ B. Abergavenny)

Henry Neville (5║ E. Westmoreland)

Henry Neville of Billingbere (Sir)

John Neville (3░ B. Latimer)

John Neville of Chevet (Sir Knight)

Margaret Neville (C. Oxford)

Margaret Neville (C. Rutland)

Mary Neville (B. Dacre of the South)

Ralph Neville (4║ E. Westmoreland)

Ralph Newbery

Edward Norreys (Sir)

Henry Norreys (Sir Knight)

Henry Norreys (1░ B. Norreys of Rycote)

John Norreys (Sir)

Edward North (1░ B. North of Kirtling)

Roger North (2░ B. North of Kirtling)


Hugh O┤Neill (2░ E. Tyrone)

Owen Oglethorpe (Bishop of Carlisle)

Hugh Oldham (Bishop of Exeter)

Anthony Oughtred (Sir Gov. of Jersey)

Henry Oughtred (Sir Knight)

Robert Oughtred (Sir Knight)

Nicholas Owen


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