George Abbot (Archbishop of Canterbury)

John Alcock (Bishop of Worcester and Ely)

Robert Aldridge (Bishop of Carlisle)

William Alley (Bishop of Exeter)

Edmund Anderson (Sir Knight)

Lancelot Andrews (Bishop of Chichester and Ely)

Humphrey Arundell (Sir)

John Arundell of Trerice

John Arundell (Bishop of Exeter)

Mary Arundell (C. Sussex and Arundel)

Matthew Arundell Howard (Sir)

Thomas Arundell (Sir)

Kate Ashley

Anne Askew

Margaret Audley (D. Norfolk)

Thomas Audley (1 B. Audley of Walden)

John Aylmer (Bishop of London)


Anthony Babington

Anthony Bacon

Francis Bacon (1 V. St. Albans)

Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey (Bt.)

Nicholas Bacon (Sir Lord Keeper of the Great Seal)

Henry Bagenal (Marshal of Ireland)

Christopher Bainbridge (Cardinal)

Richard Bancroft (Archbishop of Canterbury)

William Barentyne (Sir)

Henry Barley of Albury

William Barlow (Bishop of Chichester)

Elizabeth Barton (Nun of Kent)

John Baskerville of Eardisley

James Baskerville of Eardisley

Thomas Baskerville of Wollas Hall (Sir)

Thomas Baskerville of Goodrest (Sir)

Andrew Bayntun (Sir)

Edward Bayntun (Sir)

Edward Bayntun (Sir)

Henry Bayntun (Sir)

Henry Bedingfield (Sir Knight)

Edward Bellingham (Lord Deputy of Ireland)

Henry Berkeley (7 B. Berkeley)

Maurice Berkeley (4 B. Berkeley)

Maurice Berkeley of Bruton (Sir Knight)

Thomas Berkeley (5 B. Berkeley)

Thomas "The Hopefull" Berkeley (6 B. Berkeley)

Peregrine Bertie (1 B. Willoughby of Eresby)

Richard Bertie (MP)

Susan Bertie (C. Kent)

John Best (Bishop of Carlisle)

Francis Bigod of Settrington (Sir Knight)

John Blagrave

Charles Blount (1 E. Devonshire)

Charles Blount (5 B. Mountjoy)

Elizabeth Blount (B. Talboys of Kyme / B. Clinton of Marstoke)

George Blount (Sir)

Gertrude Blount (M. Exeter)

Walter Blount

William Blount (4 B. Mountjoy)

William Body

George Boleyn (2 V. Rochford)

Mary Boleyn

Thomas Boleyn (1 E. Wiltshire)

John Bonham of Hazelbury

Edmund Bonner (Bishop of London)

Cecily Bonville (M. Dorset)

John Borough (Sir)

Edward Borough (2 B. Borough of Gainsborough)

Thomas Borough (1 B. Borough of Gainsborough)

Anne Bourchier (B. Bourchier)

Elizabeth Bourchier

John Bourchier (2 B. Berners)

Margaret Bourchier, Lady Bryan

Thomas Bourchier (Cardinal)

William Henry Bourchier (2 E. Essex)

Jerome Bowes (Sir)

William Bradbridge (Bishop of Exeter)

Anne Brandon (B. Grey of Powis)

Charles Brandon (1 D. Suffolk)

Eleanor Brandon (C. Cumberland)

Frances Brandon (D. Suffolk)

Mary Brandon (B. Mounteagle)

Edmund Bray (1 B. Bray)

Edward Bray of Shere (Sir Knight)

Edward Bray of Vachery Park (Sir Knight)

John Bray (2 B. Bray)

Reginald Bray (Sir Knight)

Owen Brereton

William Brereton of Leighlin (1 B. Brereton)

William Brereton (Lord Chief Justice of Ireland)

William Brereton (Sir)

George Bromley (Sir)

Henry Bromley (Sir)

Thomas Bromley (Lord Chancellor)

Thomas Bromley (Lord Chief Justice)

Arthur Brooke

David Brooke of Horton (Sir Knight)

Elizabeth Brooke (M. Northampton)

George Brooke (4 B. Cobham)

William Brooke (5 B. Cobham)

James Brookes (Bishop of Gloucester)

Anthony Browne (Sir Knight)

Anthony Browne (1 V. Montague)

Anthony Browne of South Weald (Sir Knight)

Elizabeth Browne (C. Worcester)

Francis Browne

John Browne of Horton Kirby

John Browne of Berwick

Mathew Browne of Beecworth (Sir)

Richard Browne

Richard Browne of Sayes Court (Sir)

Thomas Browne of Beechworth

Valentine Browne (Sir)

Francis Bryan (Sir Justice of Ireland)

Edmund Brydges (2 B. Chandos of Sudeley)

Grey Brydges (5 B. Chandos of Sudeley)

John Brydges (1 B. Chandos of Sudeley)

Winifred Brydges (M. Winchester)

Richard Bulkeley of Beaumaris (Sir Knight)

Richard Bulkeley of Beaumaris (Sir Knight)

Piers Butler (8 E. Ormonde)

Thomas Butler (10 E. Ormonde)

William Butts of Fulham (Sir)


Julius Caesar (Sir Knight)

William Calthorpe of Burnham Thorpe (Sir Knight)

Edmund Campion

Elizabeth Capell (M. Winchester)

Henry Capell (Sir)

Henry Capell (Sir Sheriff of Essex)

Gawen Carew (Sir)

George Carew (1 E. Totnes)

George Carew (Sir)

George Carew (Sir Knight)

Mathew Carew (Sir)

Nicholas Carew (Sir Knight)

Peter Carew (Sir)

Richard Carew

Thomas Carew

Edward Carey of Aldenham (Sir)

George Carey (2 B. Hundson)

Henry Carey (1 B. Hundson)

Philadelphia Carey (B. Scrope of Bolton)

Robert Carey (1 E. Monmouth)

Valentine Carey (Bishop of Exeter)

Thomas Cartwright

Adriano Castelli (Cardinal)

Robert Catesby

Thomas Cavendish (Sir)

Anne Cecil (C. Oxford)

Lucy Cecil (M. Winchester)

Robert Cecil (1 E. Salisbury)

William Cecil (1 B. Burghley)

Thomas Chaloner (Sir)

Arthur Champernowne (Sir Knight)

Bridget Chaworth

George Chaworth (Sir Knight)

John Cheke (Sir Knight)

Henry Cheney (1 B. Cheney of Toddington)

Jane Cheney (C. Southampton)

Thomas Cheney (Sir Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports)

Arthur Chichester (1 B. Chichester of Belfast)

Richard Cholmeley (Sir)

Roger Cholmley (Sir)

Gervase Clifton (Sir)

Anne Clifford (14 B. Clifford)

Francis Clifford (4 E. Cumberland)

George Clifford (3 E. Cumberland)

Henry Clifford (10 B. Clifford of Cumberland)

Henry Clifford (1 E. Cumberland)

Henry Clifford (2 E. Cumberland)

Mabel Clifford (C. Southampton)

Margaret Clifford (C. Derby)

Edward Clinton Fiennes (1 E. Lincoln)

William Coffin (Sir Knight)

 Edward Coke (Sir Chief Justice)

John Coke (Sir Knight)

Henry Compton (1 B. Compton)

William Compton (Sir Knight)

John Constable of Holderness (Sir Knight)

John Constable of Knowlton (Sir)

Marmaduke Constable of Everingham (Sir Knight)

Marmaduke Constable of Nuneaton (Sir Knight)

Robert Constable of Everingham (Sir Knight)

Robert Constable of Flamborough (Sir Knight)

Robert Constable of North Cliffe (Sir)

Thomas Constable of Great Grimsby

Edward Conway (1 V. Conway)

John Conway (Sir Knight)

Hugh Cook of Faringdon (Abbot of Reading)

Anthony Cooke of Gidea Hall (Sir Knight)

Elizabeth Cooke (B. Russell)

Richard Cooke of Gidea Hall

William Cooke (MP)

William Cooke of Highnam Court (Sir Knight)

Thomas Cooper (Bishop of Lincoln and Winchester)

Anthony Cope of Hanwell (Sir Knight)

Anthony Cope of Hanwell (1 Bt.)

William Cope of Grimsby and Hanwell (Sir Knight)

Thomas Cornwallis of Brome Hall (Sir)

William Cornwallis of Brome Hall (Sir Knight)

George Cotton (Sir)

Richard Cotton (Sir)

William Cotton (Bishop of Exeter)

Edward Courtenay (12 E. Devon)

Henry Courtenay (1 M. Exeter)

Peter Courtenay (Bishop of Exeter and Winchester)

William Courtenay (10 E. Devon)

William Courtenay of Powderham (Sir Knight)

William Courtenay of Powderham (Sir Knight)

William Courtenay of Powderham (Sir Knight)

Miles Coverdale (Bishop of Exeter)

Thomas Coventry (1 B. Coventry of Aylesborough)

Richard Cox (Bishop of Ely)

Thomas Cranmer (Archbishop of Canterbury)

Edward Croft of Croft Castle

Herbert Croft of Croft Castle (Sir Knight)

James Croft of Croft Castle (Sir Knight)

James Croft of Weston (Sir Knight)

Edward Cromwell (3 B. Cromwell of Oakham)

Henry Cromwell (2 B. Cromwell of Oakham)

Thomas Cromwell (1 E. Essex)


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