(Bishop of Carlisle)

Born: Newton Kyme, Yorkshire, England

Died: 31 Dec 1559

Father: Owen OGLETHORPE (Esq.)

Mother: ?

Of Newton Kyme. Dean of Windsor. 1536 7th Pres. of Magdalene College, Oxfordshire, England (1536-1552). 1554 9th Pres. of Magdalene College, Oxfordshire, England (1554-1555). 1557 Founder of Tadcaster Grammar School. 1557 last Catholic Bishop of Carlisle (1557-1559).

President of Magdalen College, Oxford, and first canon and then dean of Windsor. One of the Oxford doctors appointed by Henry VIII in the preceding year, to dispute with Thomas Crammer, Ridley, and Latimer, on the doctrine of the seven sacraments. He and his predecessor were both among the theologians to whom Cranmer had addressed the questions, on the answers to which the Third English Confession was founded, viz., "The Necessary Doctrine and Erudition of a Christian Man". Oglethorpe had been on the previous Commission of 1540.

He is best known as having officiated at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, - Cardinal Pole, Archbishop of Canterbury, having died on the same day as Queen Mary, while Nicholas Heath, Archbishop of York, alarmed by the proposal to use the English Litany, refused to officiate. When all the other prelates refused to crown Elizabeth, he was reluctantly prevailed upon to do so; which act he had soon cause to lament, for Elizabeth's first care was to repeal all the acts made in Mary's reign, and to revive these of Henry VIII and Edward VI.

With the other Marian bishops, except Kitchen of Llandaff, Oglethorpe was deprived of his see for refusing the oath of supremacy, in May 1559.
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