Edward STANLEY (1° B. Mounteagle)

Born: ABT 1463, Knowsley, Lancashire, England

Acceded: 1513/4

Died: 7 Apr 1523/4, Hornby Castle, Lancashire, England

Notes: See his Biography.

Father: Thomas STANLEY (1° E. Derby)

Mother: Eleanor NEVILLE

Married 1: Anne HARRINGTON


1. Thomas STANLEY (2° B. Mounteagle)

Married 2: Elizabeth VAUGHAN (B. Grey of Wilton / B. Mounteagle) (b. ABT 1463 - d. 15 Jan 1514/5) (dau. of Thomas Vaughan and Cecily Verch Morgan) (w.1 of Thomas Greville of Cokesey - w.2 of John Grey, Lord Grey of Wilton) BEF 25 Nov 1501


2. Elizabeth STANLEY

Associated with: ¿?


3. Edward STANLEY

4. Thomas STANLEY (Parson at Baddisworth - living 1523)

5. Mary STANLEY (m. Son Radcliffe)

Elizabeth STANLEY

Born: Hornby Castle, Hornby, Lancashire, England

Died: 17 Jun 1533, Walton-le-Dale, Lancashire, England

Father: Edward STANLEY (1° B. Mounteagle)

Mother: Elizabeth VAUGHAN (B. Grey of Wilton / B. Mounteagle)

Married: Thomas LANGTON (High Sheriff of Lancashire) (son of Ralph Langton and Joan Soutworth) (m.2 Anne Talbot)



2. Edward LANGTON (b. 1524 - d. 1566) (m. Anne Osbaldeston)

3. Richard LANGTON

4. Anthony LANGTON

5. Thomas LANGTON

6. Francis LANGTON

7. Christopher LANGTON

8. Leonard LANGTON

9. Anne LANGTON (m. John Bold)

10. Mary LANGTON (m.1 Thomas Byron - m.2 Edmund Wyntstanley)

11. Joan LANGTON (m. John Fleetwood)

12. Eleanor LANGTON (m. Edward Cholmondeley of Copenhall)

Thomas STANLEY (2° B. Mounteagle)

Born: 25 May 1507

Died: 15 Aug 1560

Father: Edward STANLEY (1° B. Mounteagle)


Married 1: Mary BRANDON (B. Mounteagle)


1. William STANLEY (3° B. Mounteagle)

2. Francis STANLEY

3. Elizabeth STANLEY

4. George STANLEY

5. Charles STANLEY

Married 2: Ellen PRESTON (B. Mounteagle)

6. Margaret STANLEY


Associated with: ¿?

8. Thomas STANLEY (Bishop of Man)

Elizabeth STANLEY

Notes: died childless.

Father: Thomas STANLEY (2° B. Mounteagle)

Mother: Mary BRANDON (B. Mounteagle)

Married: Richard ZOUCHE

Thomas STANLEY (Bishop of Man)

Died: 1568

Notes: See his Biography.

Father: Thomas STANLEY (2° B. Mounteagle)

Mother: ¿?

Margaret STANLEY

Born: ABT 1542

Father: Thomas STANLEY (2° B. Mounteagle)

Mother: Ellen PRESTON (B. Mounteagle)

Married: John TAYLARD


1. Charles TAYLARD (b. 1574)

2. Edward TAYLARD (b. ABT 1576)

3. Stanley TAYLARD (b. ABT 1578)

4. William TAYLARD (b. ABT 1580)

5. Jane TAYLARD (b. ABT 1582)

6. Jane TAYLARD (b. ABT 1584)


Born: ABT 1543

Father: Thomas STANLEY (2° B. Mounteagle)

Mother: Ellen PRESTON (B. Mounteagle)

Married: John CLIFTON (Sir Knight) (b. ABT 1541)


1. Gervase CLIFTON (b. ABT 1570 - d. 1618) (m. Catherine Darcy ABT 1591)

2. Ursula CLIFTON (b. ABT 1567 - d. ABT 8 Jan 1627/28) (m. Adrian Scrope)

3. Amyas CLIFTON


5. William CLIFTON (m. Bridget Sandys)

6. Elizabeth CLIFTON (m. Amyas Bamfield)

William STANLEY (3° B. Mounteagle)

Born: 1527

Died: 10 Nov 1581 / 1584

Buried: Saint Peter's Church, Melling

Notes: The "Wealth of Northamptonshire Families" says that William Stanley, 3rd Baron Mounteagle, married Anne Spencer as his first wife and died in 1581 without issue. However, he had a daughter Elizabeth who was the mother of William Parker, 4th Baron Mounteagle, and Spink says that Elizabeth's mother was Anne Leybourne. The Monteagle interest in Somerset and Devon accrued from the 2nd Lord’s marriage to Mary Brandon. On 12 Dec 1553 Henry and Frances Grey, Duke and Duchess of Suffolk, Lady Margaret Clifford (later wife of the 4th Earl of Derby), and Sir William Stanley had licence as coheirs to enter upon the lands of Henry Brandon, Duke of Suffolk; the greater part of Stanley’s share seems to have lain in Lincolnshire but there were properties, including advowsons, scattered throughout the country. On 20 Jun 1561, as Lord Mounteagle, he had livery of his father’s lands. Soon afterwards, and mainly in May 1563, Mounteagle and his wife received a large number of licences to alienate property, chiefly in Lincolnshire. Most of these licences related to the Suffolk inheritance but Mounteagle also disposed of part of his patrimony. He had begun to do so before his father’s death and apparently without his consent: this may explain why he is not mentioned in the father’s will.

Father: Thomas STANLEY (2° B. Mounteagle)

Mother: Mary BRANDON (B. Mounteagle)

Married 1: Anne LEYBOURNE (dau. of Sir James Leybourne and Ellen Preston)


1. Elizabeth STANLEY

Married 2: Anne SPENCER (B. Mounteagle/B. Compton/C. Dorset) BEF 15 Feb 1575

Elizabeth STANLEY

Father: William STANLEY (3° B. Mounteagle)

Mother: Anne LEYBOURNE

Married: Edward PARKER (3° B. Morley)


1. Mary PARKER

2. William PARKER (4° B. Mounteagle / 4º B. Morley)

3. Elizabeth PARKER

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