(9th B. Scrope of Bolton)

Born: ABT 1534, Bolton, Yorkshire, England

Died: 13 Jun 1592, Carlisle, England

Buried: 15 Aug 1592, Carlisle, England

Notes: Knight of the Garter.

Father: John SCROPE (8° B. Scrope of Bolton)

Mother: Catherine CLIFFORD (B. Scrope of Bolton)

¿Married 1: Mary NORTH?

Married: Margaret HOWARD (B. Scrope of Bolton) BEF 10 Sep 1565, Bolton, Yorkshire, England


1. Thomas SCROPE (10° B. Scrope of Bolton)

2. Henry SCROPE

Scrope,Henry(9BScrope)01.gif (68745 bytes)

Son and heir of John Scrope, 8º B. Scrope of Bolton, and Catherine Clifford, dau. of Henry Clifford, Earl of Cumberland. After his first wife died in Nov 1558, he married Margaret Howard, dau. of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, and Frances De Vere.

Warden of the West Marches and Captain of Carlisle. Marshal of the army at the siege of Leith. Mary, Queen of Scots fled to England after losing the Battle of Langside in Apr 1568. She landed at Workington, travelling from there to Cockermouth and from thence to Carlisle. Scrope was at court at the time, but hurried north with Sir Francis Knollys to take charge of her.

In Jun 1569, Margaret, Lady Scrope accompanied her husband to a meeting at Tattershall, Lincolnshire with her sister Catherine and her husband, Henry Berkeley, 7th baron Berkeley, a gathering perceived by some to be held to plan the Northern Rebellion in which Margaret and Catherine’s sister Jane, Countess of Westmoreland, was to play a major role. Scrope proved his loyalty to Queen Elizabeth by forwarding to her an appeal for help that he later received from Westmoreland.

The Northern Earls rebelled in Apr 1569. Diplomacy was used initially to persuade them to give themselves up and throw themselves on the Queen's mercy. This did not work and Scrope was charged with arresting the conspirators, which he successfully did. Scrope himself and most of his relatives were Catholic, though Harry Scrope never allowed himself to be anything other than loyal to Queen Elizabeth.

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