(8th B. Scrope of Bolton)

Born: ABT 1510

Died: 22 Jun 1549

Father: Henry SCROPE (7 B. Scrope of Bolton)

Mother: Mabel DACRE (B. Scrope of Bolton)

Married: Catherine CLIFFORD (B. Scrope of Bolton) 1530, Skipton, Yorkshire, England


1. Henry SCROPE (9 B. Scrope of Bolton)

2. Margaret SCROPE

3. John SCROPE

4. George SCROPE

5. Edward SCROPE (b. ABT 1538 - d. in sp.)

6. Elizabeth SCROPE

7. Thomas SCROPE (b. ABT 1544 - d. in sp.)

8. Eleanor SCROPE (b. 1545 - d. in Sp.)

9. Catherine SCROPE (b. ABT 1547 - d. unmd.)

10. Bridget SCROPE (b. ABT 1548)

11. Joan SCROPE (b. 1549)

Involved in the Pilgrimage of Grace. This popular uprising was lead by a young lawyer called Robert Aske. Unfortunately Aske was not a soldier or organiser and a number of 'Tearaways' like Ninian Staveley gave them all a bad name and finally destroyed them all. The nobility and senior clergy were blackmailed into joining them with threats that 'Their sons would be kidnapped and their houses burnt down if they didn't.' Scrope initially refused and sought refuge with his father in-law, the Earl of Cumberland in Skipton Castle. The Rebels then besieged Skipton, Scrope in the end agreeing to join them. Robert Aske requested a meeting with Henry VIII, which did actually happen. The King agreed to make some concessions to the clergy as a result. Ninian Staveley and others continued with their excesses in the North which angered the King. Robert Aske was executed and the King's commissioners were despatched to round up the ring leaders. Adam Sedberg, Abbot of Jervaulx sought refuge at Bolton . When the Commissioners arrived at Bolton, the Abbot ran away, hiding out on Witton Fell until he was captured and eventually executed by Public Executioner Cratwell, described by Wriothesley as 'being a very cunning butcher in the quartering of men'. Scrope fled to Skipton, the Kings Commissioners writing to Henry VIII, informed him that they had 'fired Bolton Castle'.

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