(10th B. Scrope of Bolton)

Born: 1567, Bolton, Lancashire, England

Died: 2 Sep 1609, Langer, Nottinghamshire, England, England

Buried: 3 Sep 1609, Langer, Nottinghamshire, England, England

Notes: Knight of the Garter.

Father: Henry SCROPE (9 B. Scrope of Bolton)

Mother: Margaret HOWARD (B. Scrope of Bolton)

Married: Philadelphia CAREY (B. Scrope of Bolton) 1584, Clovelly, Devonshire, England


1. Emanuel SCROPE (1 E. Sunderland)

Lord Thomas Scrope and his mother,

Margaret, nee Howard, Baroness Scrope of Bolton

Son and heir of Henry Scrope, 9 B. Scrope of Bolton, and Margaret Howard, dau. of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. He married Philadelphia Carey, dau. of Sir Henry Carey, 1 Baron Hunsdon, and Anne Morgan.

Warden of the West Marches. It was he who apprehended Willie Armstrong (Kinmount Willie) in 'The Debatable Lands' whilst under a flag of truce. Kinmount Willie was escorted to Carlisle in chains. He was sentenced to died and was going to be hanged. The night before his intended execution, 'The Bold Buccleugh' broke into Carlisle Castle (He bribed a member of the garrison to leave a postern door unbarred). They made good their escape. Scrope had a sense of humour failure and set off in pursuit. He burnt the towns of Annan and Dumfries to the ground, capturing two hundred prisoners whom he marched home 'naked, chained together on leashes'. This caused a major diplomatic incident. Queen Elizabeth was furious and told Scrope that she would not condone his bestial behaviour. James VI of Scotland is said to have gnawed his finger nails down to the bone in his anxiety. He was terrified that Buccleugh had ruined his chances of succeeding Elizabeth on the throne of England. Buccleugh was ordered to hand himself over to the English for their pleasure. Kinmount Willie was never apprehended again and is said to have died of old age in his bed.

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