Thomas DARCY

(1st E. Rivers)

Born: 5 Jul 1565, England

Acceded: 4 Nov 1626

Died: 21 Feb 1639 / 21 Apr 1641, London, Middlesex, England

Father: John DARCY (2 B. Darcy of Chiche)

Mother: Frances RICH (B. Darcy of Chiche)

Married 1: Collubia ? ABT 1573, Yorkshire, England


1. Thomas DARCY

Married 2: Mary KYTSON BEF 20 Apr 1583, England


2. Elizabeth DARCY (C. Rivers)

3. Penelope DARCY

4. Edward DARCY

5. Thomas DARCY

6. Mary DARCY

7. Susan DARCY

Married 3: Elizabeth ? ABT 1594

Kytson,Mary(CRivers)02.jpg (83510 bytes)

Mary Kytson, C. Rivers

Son and heir, born about 1565. Viscount Colchester, 3 Baron Darcy of Chiche. He was summoned to Parl. 15 Sep 1586. His only son and heir apparent, Thomas Darcy, having died s.p. in his lifetime, his son-in-law, Sir Thomas Savage, husband of his 1st daugther, Elizabeth, obtained, 8 Oct 1613, a "grant of the reversion of the dignity [of Baron Darcy of Chiche] from the death of Thomas, the present Baron without heirs male of his body," with rem. to the heirs male of his own body by the said Elizabeth, his wife. On 5 Jul 1621, he, under the style of "Thomas, Lord Darcy, Baron of Chiche," was created "Viscount Colchester, co. Essex, for life [sic], with reversion to [the said] Thomas Savage, Knt. and Bart. and the heirs male of his body," the said Thomas Savage being himself cr., at the same date, Viscount Savage. He married, shortly before 20 Apr 1583 (articles dat. 16 Apr), Mary, daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Kytson of Hengrave, Suffolk, by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Cornwallis.

He died s.p.m.s., 21 Feb 1639/40, in London, aged about 74, and was buried at St. Osyth's. At his death the Barony of Darcy of Chiche [1551] became extinct. Will dated 14 Mar 1635, pr. 25 Feb 1639/40. His widow died between 7 May and 28 Jun 1644, and was buried in Trinity Church, Colchester. M.I. Will dat. 7 May, pr. 16 Nov 1644. Fun. Cert. P.R.O.

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