John De VERE

(15th E. Oxford)

Acceded: 1526

Died: 21 Mar 1539, Colne

Buried: 12 Apr 1539, Castle Hedingham

Notes: Knight of the Garter. The Complete Peerage vol.X,p.245-247.

Father: John De VERE

Mother: Alice KILRINGTON

Married 1: Christian FODERINGAY 1493

Married 2: Elizabeth TRUSSELL (C. Oxford) (See her Biography) BET 29 Apr 1507 / 4 Jul 1509


1. Frances De VERE (C. Surrey)

2. John De VERE (16 E. Oxford)

3. Aubrey De VERE

4. Robert De VERE

5. Geoffrey De VERE

6. Elizabeth De VERE (B. Darcy of Chiche)

7. Anne De VERE (B. Sheffield of Butterwick)

Second cousin and heir male of John De Vere, 14th Earl of Oxford, being son and heir of John De Vere, by Alice, dau. and coheir of Walter Kilrington, otherwise Colbroke, which last-named John was son and heir of Sir Robert de Vere, younger son of Richard De Vere, 11th Earl of Oxford.

He was in the service of Henry VII in 1507; an Esquire for the Body at his funeral, 11 May 1509. After service in France he was knighted by the King Henry VIII, 25 Sep 1513, at Tournai, after the battle of the Spurs. Sheriff of Essex and Herts., and Keeper of Colchester Castle, 1515-16, 1519-20, and 1524-25. He was appointed to attend the Field of the Cloth of Gold in 1520, and the meeting with the Emperor Carlos V at Dover in May 1522. Soon after succeeding to the Earldom he was appointed Great Chamberlain for life, 19 Dec 1526; nom. K.G., 21 Oct 1527. He took his seat in the Parliament held at Blackfriars 3 Nov 1529. P.C. before 22 Mar 1530/1; and in Henry's train when he met the King of France at Calais, Oct 1532.

He was a commissioner for the deposition of Queen Catalina, Apr 1533, and bearer of the Crown at Anne Boleyn's Coronation on Whitsunday following. He was one of the peers who tried the Queen 15 May 1536. He attended the baptism of Prince Edward, 15 Oct, and the funeral at Windsor of Queen Jane Seymour, 12 Nov 1537. He was on the panel of peers for the trial, 2 and 3 Dec 1538, of the Marquess of Exeter and Lord Montague. On 3 Jan 1539/40 he and his son, "Lord Bulbeck" accompanied Henry VIII to Blackheath to receive Anne of Cleves.

He married 1stly, in 1493 or 1494, Christian, 3rd dau. and coheir of Thomas Foderingey, of Brockley, Suffolk, by Elizabeth, sister and in her issue heir of John Doreward, and dau. of William Doreward, of Bocking, Essex. She, who was born circa 1481, died s.p. before 4 Nov 1498. He married 2ndly, between 29 Apr 1507 and 4 Jul 1509, Elizabeth, sister and heir of John Trussell, and dau. of Edward Trussell, co. Stafford, by Margaret, dau. of Sir John Donne. She, who was born in 1496, died probably before Jul 1527. Monument Inscription at Castle Hedingham. By his 2nd wife he had his heir, John, and younger sons: Aubrey, grandfather of the 19th Earl; Robert; Geoffrey, father of the famous generals Sir Francis De Vere, Governor of Brill (died s.p.s. 1609), and Horatio, Lord Vere of Tilbury (died s.p.m. 1635); and dau.s, Elizabeth, married Thomas Darcy, 1st Lord Darcy, of Chiche; Frances, married Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey; and Anne, married Edmund Sheffield, 1st Lord Sheffield. In an official Report, 10 Nov 1531, the Venetian Ambassador, Lodovico Ralier, describes the Earl as "a man of valour and authority, with a revenue of 25,000 ducats, and it is his custom always to cavalcade with 200 horse". (Cal. S.P. Venice, 1527-33, p. 295).

He died at his manor of Colne, 21 Mar 1539/40, and was buried at Castle Hedingham, 12 Apr following. His effigy, depicted in plate armour, is carved on a corner post of the Guildhall at Lavenham, Suffolk (Ranson, Lavenham, p. 53).

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