(1st B. Sheffield of Butterwick)

Born: 22 Nov 1521

Acceded: 16 Feb 1547

Died: 31 Jul 1549, Norwich, Norfolk

Buried: 1 Aug 1549, St. Martins at the Palace, Norwich

Father: Robert SHEFFIELD (Sir)

Mother: Jane STANLEY

Married: Anne De VERE (B. Sheffield of Butterwick) BEF 31 Jan 1538


1. Eleanor SHEFFIELD

2. John SHEFFIELD (2 B. Sheffield of Butterwick)


4. Frances SHEFFIELD

5. Elizabeth SHEFFIELD

Born 1521, was the son of Sir Robert Sheffield and Jane, dau. of Sir George Stanley lord Strange of Knockyn. After the death of Sir Robert in 1531, Edmund became a ward of Lord Rochford, but on 2 Jan 1538 the wardship came under the control of John De Vere, 15th Earl of Oxford. At some unknown time he married Anne, one of his guardian's daughters.

A gentleman of Lord Cromwell, Edmund became notorious for his unruliness: he dispatched an "undutiful" letter to his brother in law, the 16th Earl of Oxford, dated Jul 1538, from prison.

By the will of Henry VIII he was elevated to the rank of baron at the beginning of the reign of Edward VI. As Baron Sheffield of Butterwick he accompanied the Marquiss of Northampton on an expedition to quell Ket's Rebellion in Norfolk, and was killed at Norwich in Aug 1549.

Sheffield was a poet of the same generation as the Earl of Surrey, praised thus by Fuller: "Great his skill in music, who wrote a book of sonnetts according to the Italian fashion". His poems have not survived.

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