Sir John SHELTON, Knight

Born: ABT 1509, Shelton, Norfork, England

Died: 15 Nov 1558, Shelton, Norfolk, England

Buried: Shelton, Norfolk, England

Father: John SHELTON (Sir Knight)

Mother: Anne BOLEYN

Married: Margaret PARKER


1. Ralph SHELTON (Sir)


3. Alice SHELTON


5. Thomas SHELTON

Eldest son and heir of Sir John Shelton and Anne Boleyn, often called Sir John Shelton the Younger to distinguish him from his father during his fatherís lifetime. He was High Sheriff of Norfolk in 1522 and again in 1525 and on his fatherís death had livery of the manors of Shelton, Stratton-Saies, Refham-Burgulions, Scole, Bedingham, Snoryng Magna, Gallowes and others in the county of Norfolk and Burnt Illegh and Meldyng in Suffolk.

In 1523, he was named overseer of the will of William Shelton, gentleman, of London proved in 1553. The identity of this William Shelton has not been ascertained, but it is clear he was some kind of kin to Sir John.

He married Margaret, daughter of Henry Parker, Lord Morley by Alice daughter of Sir John St John of Bletsoe, Knt. Margaretís sister Jane married George Boleyn, Lord Rochford brother of Queen Anne Boleyn, and Lady Rochford would come to be executed 1543 for her role in the adulterous affairs of Queen Catherine Howard.

22 Feb 1546/47, John was dubbed a Knight of the Carpet on the Tuesday after the coronation of King Edward VI. In 1546, he presented William Akers as rector to the church in Hardwick. 26 May 1547, along with Edward, Duke of Somerset and others he was appointed commissioner of the peace in Norfolk.

In Jul 1553, after the death of young King Edward VI, Sir John Shelton was one of the gentlemen that joined Queen Mary at Kenninghall to advance her to the crown in opposition to the Duke of Northumberland who sought to replace her with his daughter-in-law, Lady Jane Grey.  At Kenninghall, he was in the company of Sir Henry Bedingfield and Sir Henry Jerningham and rode with her to Framlingham Castle. 18 Feb 1554 and 2 May 1554 with Thomas, Duke of Norfolk; Henry, Earl of Sussex; John, Earl of Bath; Henry, Baron Morley; Sir Richard Southwell, Sir Henry Bedingfield; Sir William Paston; Sir John Godsalve and Sir James Boleyn he was again issued a commission of the peace.

In 1557, he presented to the church in Surlingham as its patron and also in the same capacity to the church in Thirsford. Sir John Shelton died 15 Nov and was buried at Shelton, 16 Nov 1558. His will was dated 14 Nov 1558 (and likely made hastily before his death) and proved 12 Feb 1558/9. He mentions his wife Margaret, son Ralph, ďmy daughter GodsalveĒ, his wife being his executrix, supervisor Lord Morley. His IPM was taken 3 March 1559, where it was found that Carrow Abbey had been received by Sir John Shelton, deceased, on the death of his mother Anne Shelton. In 1559, Margaret Shelton presented William Ward as rector of the church in Hardwick and in 1560 to the church at Shelton as its patron.

When Princess Elizabeth was so persecuted during her sister's reign, she fled to Sir John and Lady Shelton for protection. She was later secreted in the tower of Shelton Church when Sir John's mansion was not sufficent protection. When Elizabeth was crowed she summoned Sir John's family to the Palace where his descendents lived during her reign. 

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