George DARCY

(1st B. Darcy of Aston)

Born: 1487, Aston, Yorkshire, England

Died: 28 Aug 1558

Buried: Brayton, Yorkshire, England

Father: Thomas DARCY (1 B. Darcy of Temple Hurst)

Mother: Dousabella TEMPEST

Married 1: Dau. FAIRFAX?

Married: Dorothy MELTON (d. 21 Sep 1557) (dau. of John Melton of Aston and Catherine Hastings) 26 Mar 1511/1521, Aston, Yorkshire, England


1. Mary DARCY

2. Thomas DARCY

3. John DARCY (2 B. Darcy of Aston)

4. Elizabeth DARCY

5. Agnes DARCY

6. William DARCY

7. George DARCY

8. Edith DARCY

9. Dorothy DARCY

10. Clare DARCY

Held a command at the battle of Flodden, 9 Sep 1513, and was knighted by Henry VIII at Lille, in Flanders, 14 Oct 1513. Sheriff of co. York, 1535-36. Involved in the Pilgrimage of Grace with his father, Thomas Darcy, first Baron of Templehurst and his  brother Arthur. A contract was made in 1530 with the George Talbot, 4 Earl of Shrewsbury to marry his daughter Anne Talbot with a Darcy, probably Sir George or his son Thomas. Although there was no subsequent marriage. He was restored in blood by Act of Parliament (1548) 2 Edward VI to the dignity of Baron Darcy, to him and the heirs male of his body. Baron Darcy, Darcy of Darcy, and Darcy and Meinill, commonly called Darcy of Aston. Barony in Tail Male. He married (indentures dat. 26 Mar 1511), Dorothy, daughter and heir of Sir John Melton of Aston, co. York, by Isabel Savile or Catherine, daughter of Sir Hugh Hastings of Fenwick in that co. She, who was aged 38 and more at her father's death, 26 Feb 1543/4, died 21 Sep 1557, and was buried at Brayton. He died 28 Aug 1558, and was buried with her. M.I. to both there. Will dat. 15 Aug 1558, pr. 24 Aug 1558 [sic].

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