(2nd B. Wharton of Wharton)

Born: 1520

Died: 14 Jun 1572, Cannon Row, Westminster

Buried: Westminster Abbey

Father: Thomas WHARTON (1 B. Wharton)

Mother: Eleanor STAPLETON

Married 1: Anne RADCLIFFE 10 Apr 1547, Wharton Hall, Westmorland, England


1. Phillip WHARTON (3 B. Wharton)


3. Thomas WHARTON



Married 2: Anne DEVEREUX AFT Jun 1561

Son of Thomas Wharton, first Lord Wharton, by his first wife, Eleanor, dau. of Sir Brian Stapleton. Member of Parliament for Cumberland 15441545, and 15471552, for Northumberland 15551559. He later succeeded his father in the House of Lords.

When a young man he was appointed steward of he household of Princess Mary, the daughter of Henry VIII.

In 1547 he married Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Radcliffe, first Earl of Sussex. He became a Roman Catholic and strongly supported Mary when she became Queen in 1553. He signed her will as a witness in 1558. He was named Master of the Henchmen and a member of the Privy Council. He served as High Sheriff of Cumberland for 1547 and as MP for Cumberland in 15445, 1547, and 1553, for Hedon, Yorkshire in 1554, for Northumberland in 1555, and again for that county as well as for Yorkshire in the parliament of 15578.

Queen Mary granted him the Manor of Newhall in Boreham, Essex and a house in London on Canon Row in Westminster.

When Elizabeth became Queen in 1558, Protestantism was again in authority, and stringent laws were passed against Catholicism. Thomas was excluded from Parliament and retired to Newhall. Sir Thomas Wharton was sent to the Tower wehere he remained a prisoner for more than a year for having had mass celebrated in house at Newhall.

He died at Canon Row in Westminster in 1572 and is buried at the Abbey. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Phillip.

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