(3rd B. Wharton of Wharton)

Born: 23 Jun 1555 / ABT 1556, Healaugh, Yorkhire, England

Died: 26 Mar 1624/5

Buried: Healaugh, Yorkhire, England

Father: Thomas WHARTON (2° B. Wharton)

Mother: Anne RADCLIFFE

Married 1: Frances CLIFFORD (B. Wharton) 24 Jun 1577, Overy, Southwark, England


1. Thomas WHARTON (Sir)

2. George WHARTON (Sir)

3. Margaret WHARTON

4. Frances WHARTON

5. Eleanor WHARTON

Married 2: Dorothy COLBY

Son of Thomas Wharton, second Lord Wharton, by his first wife, Anne, dau. of Robert Radcliffe, first Earl of Sussex. Named for King Felipe II of Spain, who had married Queen Mary, the friend of his father. King Felipe II stood as godfather for the child when Phillip was baptized. Sir Phillip Wharton was a Member of Parliament from 1580 to 1625. He was a member of the joint commission on Scottish borders in 1618.

In 1577 he married Frances, daughter of Sir Henry Clifford, second Earl of Cumberland. He had two sons by his first marriage: Sir George and Sir Thomas, both educated at Caius College, Cambridge. His second wife was a rich widow, Dorothy Colby, whom he married in 1597. She had given the corruptible Lord Bacon a bribe of £310 to decide in her favor a suite of her second husband’s estate. Sir Phillip Wharton had the honor of entertaining King James I at Wharton Hall in 1617.

The Whartons, by the time of Sir Phillip, had accumulated large estates, but he was a poor manager. He squandered his own and his wife’s fortunes. His debts accumulated and, as we would say today, a trustee had to be appointed and Sir Phillip was put on an allowance. His wife complained that he had taken away all her living, and she was dependent on the charity of friends.

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