Thomas WEST

(2nd B. De La Warr)

Born: ABT 1556, Wherwell, Hampshire, England

Died: ABT 24 Mar 1602

Father: William WEST (1 B. De La Warr)

Mother: Elizabeth STRANGE (B. De La Warr)

Married: Anne KNOLLYS (B. De La Warr) 19 Nov 1571, Wherwell, Hampshire, England


1. Walsingham WEST

2. Anne WEST

3. Helena WEST

4. Catherine WEST

5. Leticce WEST

6. Elizabeth WEST

7. Robert WEST

8. Thomas WEST (3 B. De La Warr)

9. Penelope WEST

10. Francis WEST (Gov. of Virginia)

11. John WEST (Gov. of Virginia)

12. Nathaniel WEST (Lt. Col.)

Lord De La Warr

(the sitter have the Order of the Garter,

 so he`s probably another Thomas West)

Knight of Wherwell, Hampshire County, England, was born about 1556. Knighted in 1588. He was the 2nd Lord De La Warr of New Creation, Sheriff of Hampshire, M.P.. Member of the Privy Council of Queen Elizabeth. He married 19 Nov 1571 to Anne Knollys, daughter of Sir Francis Knollys, K. G., of Rotherfield Greys, Oxford County, England by Catherine Carey who was the 1st cousin of Queen Elizabeth. They had six sons and seven daughters. At the baptism of his first daughter, Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth was her sponsor. He died Mar 1601/2. His widow was living at St. Catherine, Coleman, London in 1608. Friend of Lord Essex who knighted him in 1599, Dublin, Ireland. He was implicated in Essex's Rebellion and imprisoned. Three sons became Governors of Virginia, appointed by the King. Delaware was named for Thomas and he served as governor of Virginia shortly after it was founded.

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