Governor of Virginia

Born: 14 Dec 1590, Testwood, Wiltshire, England

Died: 1659, West Point, King William County, Virginia

Father: Thomas WEST (1 B. De La Warr)

Mother: Anne KNOLLYS (B. De La Warr)

Married 1: Anne PERCY 1613, Virginia


1. John WEST

Married 2: Anne CLAIBORNE 1639


2. John WEST

3. Anthony WEST

Twelfth child of Sir Thomas West, Second Lord De La Warr, and his wife Lady Anne Knollys. Born between 5 & 6 in the afternoon. Godfathers: Sir John Norreys, Mr. John Foskin; Godmothers: Mrs. Scudamore, Mrs. Ratcliffe. B.A. Matriculated at Magdalen College 17 Feb 1603/9 and received the degree of Bachelor of Arts the 1st of Dec 1613. Emigrated on the Bonny Bess in 1618 with his brother Lord De La Warr, and resided at "West Point", Virginia. He was made a member of the Colonial Council, where he served 1630-1659. When decision was reached, 1630, to plant a settlement on the York River, Colonel John West was among the first to patent lands there and by 1632 was established on his plantation, which, sold to Edward Digges, 1650, was then known as the "A.D. Plantation" and later as "Bellefield". From York, John West removed to his plantation at the fork of the York River on the site of the present town of West Point originally called Delaware. This tract of 3000 acres may be identified in a patent issued to him 6 Mar 1653, which included 850 acres granted to him, 3 Jul 1652. In addition, he was granted 1550 acres, 6 May 1651, about 6 miles up York River up the fort (fork) on the south of the River." which he subsequently sold to Major William Lewis, who included the land in his patent for 2600 acres issued, 20 Jan 1656. On 27 May 1654 West patented 1000 acres in Gloucester County, on the "N.E. side of the Mattapony river". On May 17, 1635 the Colonial Council prevailed upon him to accept the office of Governor, when Governor Sir John Harvey was expelled. He was the third West brother to be a Governor of Virginia. In 1637 West was commissioned Muster Master General of the colony by King Charles in his own hand. He sold his Bellfield estate in 1650 moved to his West Point estate of over 6000 acres. Most of his acres were granted to him for bringing many new settle rs to Virginia in his ships. It was customary at the time for 50 acres to be given for each person brought in, family, relatives, and servants included. Port Richmond West Plantation was settled by Col. John West about 1655. This was in William County, Virginia, not far from Elsing Green.

Edward Wiatt was the administrator of the estate of John Clarke. The names included in this administration include: John West, William Brocas, George Ludlow, and Capt. Richard Townsed, who came to Virginia as a medical apprentice to Dr. John Pott. He is mentioned in the will of John Clarke (b. 1614 d. 1645). From Virginia Land Books (Cavaliers and Pioneers?), In 1652, Mr. Wiatt represented Hannah Clarke, probably the widow of John Clarke, as the executrix of Sir Dudley Wyatt in his will of 1650. Three hundred acres were devised to her on Queen's Creek near Middle Plantation. The same year, 1650, she deeded the same land to Dr. Jeremiah Harrison, Gent., of the same place. In 1654, Mrs. Frances Harrison, widow, patented 1000 acres in Westmoreland County, Virginia, about the same time that John Harrison patented 1000 acres in Westmoreland County, which he left, failing heirs, to his sister Mrs. Frances Harrison. Failing her heirs, he willed to Giles Brent of "Peace" in Westmoreland County, Virginia.

Colonel John West died at his West Point plantation, 1659, and March 1660 the House of Burgesses passed a resolution of good will in recognition of "the many important favors and services rendered to the country of Virginia by the noble family of West, predecessors of Mr. John West, their now only survivor ..... It is ordered that the levies of the said Master West and his family be remitted, and that he be exempt from payment thereof during life".

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