Catherine TALBOT

(C. Pembroke)

Born: ABT 1552

Buried: 15 May 1576, Salisbury Cathedral

Father: George TALBOT (6° E. Shrewsbury)

Mother: Gertrude MANNERS (C. Shrewsbury)

Married: Henry HERBERT (2° E. Pembroke) 17 Feb 1562/3, Baynard Castle, London

Eldest daughter of George Talbot, 6th earl of Shrewsbury, and Gertrude Manners, daughter of Thomas Manners, 1st Earl of Rutland. On 17 Feb 1562/3 she married Henry, Lord Herbert, heir to the William Herbet, 1st. earl of Pembroke.

The Earl of Shrewsbury wrote to Edward Hatfield from Coldharbour, 20 Mar 1562/3. He notes from letters that his tenants, the freeholders of Hallamshire, object to paying him an aid upon the occasion of the marriage of Catherine to Henry Herbert. He would have them reminded that he asks only what is his by right and that his tenants in Shropshire have not protested.

As countess of Pembroke, Catherine was at court. Queen Elizabeth was extremely fond of Lady Catherine

On 23 Mar 1574/5, Catherine wrote to her stepmother, Bess, countess of Shrewsbury, to ask her to persuade her father, George, to allow her sister, Mary Talbot, to accompany her on a summer trip to Wales.

To my lady my Mother.

I am loathe to lett passe any fitt messenger, without visiting your ladyship with my lettres; and being desirous to heare of your health, do the oftener send to enquier of the same. At this present I am to craue your furtheraunce, bothe to my lord my father, (whom least I should any waies displease) am loathe my self to moue, and to this bearer my Brother Savile, who dothe referr his consent, till he knowe my lordship’s pleasure therin; that they will agree, that my sister marie, who is no smale compforte vnto me, maie staie here to goo this sommer into Walles with me. herein your ladyship shall verie muche pleasure me, wherof as sondrie other your curtesies, you shall find, I will neuer be vnmyndfull. Thus my humble deutie remembred with like commendacions to your ladyship, do even so take my leaue. Ramesburie this xxiijth of marche 1574/

Your ladyship's assured loving daughter.

K Pembrok

During her lingering, almost two-year-long terminal illness, the Queen visited her twice at Baynard's Castle on Apr and May 1575, and loaned the Pembrokes one of her own ships so that they could travel to the Continent in search of a cure. In Oct 1575 Gilbert Talbot writes to Bess, countess of Shrewsbury, with news of the Earl of Pembroke and Catherine's recent trip to Antwerp in a ship lent to them by the Queen. On Jul 1575 the Queen sent Edward St Loe and a physician to Catherine at Spa.

She returned to England 14 Sep and had died by 24 Apr 1576 when a tournament was postponed due to general grief. The young Countess had no children, and she was buried 14 May 1576 in Salisbury Cathedral.

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