Anne Dacre (C. Arundel)

Christopher Dacre (Sir Sheriff of Cumberland)

Leonard Dacre (Sir)

Magdalen Dacre (V. Montague)

Thomas Dacre (2º B. Gillesland / 1º B. Greystoke)

Thomas Dacre (4º B. Gillesland / 3º B. Greystoke)

Thomas Dacre of Lanercost (Sir)

William Dacre (3° B. Gillesland / 2° B. Greystoke)

Christopher Danby (Sir High Sheriff of Yorkshire)

Charles Danvers (Sir)

Henry Danvers (1° E. Danby)

John Danvers of Dauntsey (Sir Knight)

Conyers Darcy (4º B. Conyers of Hornby / B. Darcy of Knaith)

George Darcy (1º B. Darcy of Aston)

Henry Darcy (Sir)

John Darcy (3º B. Darcy of Aston)

Thomas Darcy (1º B. Darcy of Chiche)

Thomas Darcy (1º B. Darcy of Temple Hurst)

Thomas Darcy (1º E. Rivers)

Richard Davies (Bishop of St. Asaph and St. Davids)

William Davison (Secretary of State)

Henry Dean (Archbishop of Canterbury)

John Dee

Anthony Denny (Sir Knight)

Edward Denny (Sir Knight)

Robert Denys of Holcombe Burnel and Bicton (Sir Knight)

Thomas Denys of Holcombe Rogus (Sir)

Penelope Devereux (B. Rich)

Robert Devereux (2º E. Essex)

Walter Devereux (1º E. Essex)

Everard Digby (Sir)

William Dormer (Sir Knight)

James Douglas (4º E Morton)

Margaret Douglas (C. Lennox)

Francis Drake (Sir)

Robert Drury of Edgerley (Sir Knight)

Robert Drury of Hawstead (Sir)

Robert Drury (Ven)

William Drury (Sir Governor of Ireland)

William Drury of Besthorpe (Sir Knight)

William Drury of Hawstead (Sir)

William Drury of Hawstead (Sir)

Ambrose Dudley (3º E. Warwick)

Guildford Dudley

John Dudley (1º D. Northumberland)

Robert Dudley (1º E. Leicester)

Robert Dudley (E. Warwick)

Edward Dymoke of Scrivelsby (Sir Knight)

Edward Dymoke of Scrivelsby (Sir)

Robert Dymoke of Scrivelsby

John Dynham (1° B. Dynham)


Thomas Elrington of Willesden

Thomas Elyot (Sir)

Richard Empson (Sir Knight)

Francis Englefield (Sir)

Francis Englefield (Sir Bt.)

Thomas Englefield (Sir)


Nicholas Fairfax (Sir)

Thomas Fairfax (1º V. Emley)

William Fairfax (Sir)

William Fairfax of Steeton (Sir)

John Feckenham (Abbot of Westminster)

John Fermor of Easton Neston (Sir)

Richard Fermor

William Fermor (Sir Knight)

Robert Ferrar (Bishop of St. Davids)

Anthony Fettiplace of Swinbrook (Esq.)

Thomas Fettiplace of Compton Beauchamp

Richard Fiennes (7º B Saye and Sele)

Thomas Fiennes (3º B. Dacre of the South)

William Fiennes (1º V. Saye and Sele)

Moyle Finch (Sir Bt.)

John Fisher (Bishop of Rochester)

Henry Fitzalan (18º E. Arundel)

Mary Fitzalan (D. Norfolk)

Elizabeth Fitzgerald (C. Lincoln)

Gerald `Garret Mor´ Fitzgerlad (8° E. Kildare)

Gerald Fitzgerald (15° E. Desmond)

James Fitzgerald (14° E. Desmond)

James Fitzgerald (16° E. Desmond)

James FitzMaurice Fitzgerald

James Fitzthomas Fitzgerald (17° E. Desmond)

Barnaby Fitzpatrick

William Fitzwilliam (1º E. Southampton)

William Fitzwilliam (Sir Knight)

Adrian Fortescue of Salden (Sir Knight)

John Fortescue of Salden (Sir)

Francis Fortescue of Salden (Sir)

Henry Fortescue of Faulkbourne (Esq.)

Edward Fox (Bishop of Hereford)

Richard Fox (Bishop of Exeter; Bath & Wells; Durham and Winchester)

Martin Frobisher (Sir)


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