Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

The Duchy of Lancaster is one of only two Duchies in the United Kingdom, the other being the Duchy of Cornwall.

The Duchy of Lancaster was created for John of Gaunt, a younger son of King Edward III of England, when John had acquired its constituent lands through marriage to the Lancaster heiress. It is not the property of The Crown, but is instead the personal (inherited) property of the monarch and has been since 1399, when the Dukedom of Lancaster, held by Henry of Bolingbroke, merged with the crown on his appropriation of the throne (after the dispossesion from Richard II). The Duchy consists of lands in many parts of England, especially in Lancashire. The chief officer of the Duchy is the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, a high position which is sometimes a cabinet post. Since, for at least the last two centuries, the estate being run by a deputy, the Chancellor rarely has had any significant duties pertaining to management of the Duchy itself, he is usually available as a minister without portfolio.

Office Holder


Sir Henry De Haydock

Ralph De Ergham 1373-1377
Thomas De Thelwall 16 Apr 1377-1378
Sir John De Yerborough 1378-1382
Sir Thomas Stanley 10 Nov 1382-29 Nov 1382 (pro tem)
Sir Thomas Scarle 29 Nov 1382-Oct 1383
Sir William Okey Oct 1383-1400
John De Wakering 1400-1400
William Burgoyne 1400-1404
Sir Thomas Stanley 15 May 1404-30 Mar 1410

John Springthorpe

30 Mar 1410-4 Apr 1413
John Wodehouse 1413-1431
Walter Shiryngton 1431-1449
William Tresham 1449-1450
Sir John Say 1450-1471
Sir Richard Fowler 1471-1477
Sir John Say 1477-1478
Thomas Thwaites 1478-1483
Thomas Metcalffe 1483-1485
Sir Reginald Bray 1485-1503
Sir John Mordaunt 1504
Sir Richard Empson 1505-1509
Sir Henry Marney 1509-1523
Sir Richard Wingfield 1523-1525
Sir Thomas More 1525-1529
William FitzWilliam 1529-1542
Sir John Gage 1542-1547
William Paget 1547-1552
Sir John Gates 1552-1553
Sir Robert Rochester 1553-1557
Sir Edward Waldegrave 1558-1559
Sir Ambrose Cave 1559-1568
Sir Ralph Sadler 1568-1587
Sir Francis Walsingham 1587-1590
Sir Thomas Heneage 1590-1595
Commission 1595-1597
Sir Robert Cecil 1597-1599
Commission 1599-1601
Sir John Fortescue 1601
Commission 1601
Sir John Fortescue 1601-1607
Sir Thomas Parry 1607-1616
Sir John Dacombe 1616-1618
Commission 1618
Sir Humphrey May 1618-1629
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