Bishops of Worcester

(From 1476 to 1610)

The Bishop of Worcester controls the see of Worcester and has his seat in Worcester Cathedral. The diocese covers the county of Worcestershire.




Year of
appointment and termination
John Alcock   1476-1486
Robert Morton   1486-1497
Giovanni De Gigli   1497-1498
Silvestro De Gigli   1498-1521
Geronimo De Ghinucci   1523-1533
Hugh Latimer resigned title 1535-1539
John Bell   1539-1543
Nicholas Heath   1543-1551
John Hooper deprived of title 1552-1554
Nicholas Heath restored to title 1554-1555
Richard Pates deprived of title 1555-1559
Edwin Sandys   1559-1571
Nicholas Bullingham   1571-1576
John Whitgift   1577-1583
Edmund Freke   1584-1591
Richard Fletcher   1593-1595
Thomas Bilson   1596-1597
Gervase Babington   1597-1610
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