Bishops of Norwich

(From 1070 to 1635)




Year of
appointment and termination
Herfast first Bishop of Thetford 1070-1086
William de Beaufeu   1086-1091
Herbert Losinga moved see to Norwich in 1094 1091-1119
Everard Archdeacon of Salisbury
deposed 1145
William de Turbe   1146-1174
John of Oxford Dean of Salisbury 1175-1200
John De Grey   1200-1214
see vacant   1214-1222
Pandulf Masca legate of Pope Innocent III 1222-1226
Thomas Blunville Clerk of the Royal Exchequer 1226-1236
Ralph de Norwich   1236
see vacant   1236-1239
William De Raley Treasurer of Exeter
translated to Winchester 1244
Walter Suffield   1245-1257
Simon De Wanton   1258-1266
Roger Skirnyng   1266-1278
William Middleton   1278-1288
Ralph Walpole Archdeacon of Ely
translated to Ely 1299
John Salmon Prior of Ely
Lord Chancellor 1319-1323
William Ayermin Master of the Rolls 1325-1336
Antony Bek   1337-1343
William Bateman   1344-1355
Thomas Percy   1356-1369
Henry Spenser   1370-1406
Alexander Tottington   1407-1413
Richard Courtenay   1413-1415
John Wakering Archdeacon of Canterbury 1416-1425
William Alnwick Archdeacon of Salisbury
translated to Lincoln 1436
Thomas Brown Bishop of Rochester 1436-1445
Walter Le Hart Provost of Oriel College, Oxford 1445-1472
James Goldwell Dean of Salisbury 1472-1498
Thomas Jane   1499-1500
Richard Nykk Archdeacon of Exeter and Canon of Windsor 1501-1536
William Repps Abbot of St Bennet of Holm
resigned 1550
Thomas Thirlby   1550-1554
John Hopton chaplain to Queen Mary 1554-1558
John Parkhurst   1560-1575
Edmund Freak Bishop of Rochester
translated to Worcester 1584
Edmund Scambler Bishop of Peterborough 1585-1594
William Redman Archdeacon of Canterbury 1594-1602
John Jegon Master of Bene't College, Cambridge 1602-1617
John Overall Bishop of Lichfield 1618-1619
Samuel Harsnet translated to York 1628 1619-1628
Francis White translated to Ely 1631 1628-1631
Richard Corbet Bishop of Norwich 1632-1635
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