Bishops of Gloucester

(From 1541 to 1656)




Year of
appointment and termination
John Wakeman   1541 - 1549
John Hooper   1550 - 1552
James Brookes deprived of title 1554 - 1558
Richard Cheney b. 1513 - d. 1579. Archdeacon of Hereford (1552 - 1557). One of six clerics, with Walter Phillips, James Haddon, John Philpot, John Aylmer and Thomas Young, who refused to subscribe to the articles promulgated in the 1553 convocation. At the convocation, he argued vigorously against transubstantiation. 1562 - 1579
Giles Thompson Entered University College, Oxford in 1571; and was elected Fellow of All Souls’ College in 1580. He was made divinity lecturer in Magdalen College; chaplain to Queen Elizabeth, as was his friend, Dr. Richard Eedes; Prebendary of Repington; Canon residentiary of Hereford; and Rector of Pembridge in Herefordshire. Became Doctor in Divinity and was appointed Dean of Windsor in 1602. In virtue of this latter office, he acted as Registrar of the most noble Order of the Garter. Dr. Thompson took a great deal of pains in his part of the translation of the Bible, which he did not long survive. Consecrated Bishop of Gloucester, 9 Jun 1611; and a year after, 14 Jun 1612, he died, at the age of fifty-nine, “to the great grief of all who knew the piety and learning of the man”. Bishop Tomson never visited Gloucester, after his election to that see. 1611 - 1612
Miles Smith   1612 -
Geoffrey Goodman born at 1583, Ruthin, Denbighshire, Dean of Rochester 1620-1621 1625 - 1656
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