Bishops of Coventry and Lichfield

(From 1121 to 1609)

The Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield was the Bishop of a former see of the Church of England. It was first established in 1102 when the Bishop of Chester moved his see to Coventry. The title of Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield did not first come into use until 1121, when Robert Peche was enthroned. In 1188, the see was moved to Lichfield. In 1836, the ancient bishopric was at last changed. Coventry was united with the see of Worcester and Lichfield made independent.



Year of
Robert Peche 1121-?
Hugh de Nonant 1188-1198
Alexander of Stainsbury 1224-1238
Walter Langton 1296-1321
Roger Northburgh c. 1340
Robert de Stretton 1360-1385
Walter Skirclaw c. 1385
Richard Scrope 1386-1398
John Catterick 1415-1419
John Hales 1459-1490
William Smythe 1493-1496
John Arundell 1496-1502
Geoffrey Blythe 1503-1531
Rowland Lee 1534-1543
Richard Sampson 1543-1554
Ralph Baynes 1554-1559
Thomas Bentham 1560-1579
William Overton 1580-1609
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