Archbishop of Canterbury - Archbishop of York

Bishop of Bangor

Bishop of Bath and Wells

Bishop of Bristol

Bishop of Carlisle

Bishop of Chester

Bishop of Chichester

Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield

Bishop of Durham

Bishop of Ely

Bishop of Exeter

Bishop of Gloucester

Bishop of Hereford

Bishop of Lincoln

Bishop of Llandaff

Bishop of London

Bishop of Norwich

Bishop of Oseney

Bishop of Oxford

Bishop of Peterborough

Bishop of Rochester

Bishop of St. Asaph

Bishop of St. Davids

Bishop of Salisbury

Bishop of Sodor and Man

Bishop of Westminster

Bishop of Winchester

Bishop of Worcester


Great Officers of State

Officers who either inherit their positions or are appointed by the Crown, and exercise certain ceremonial functions.

Lord High Steward

Lord Chancellor

Lord High Treasurer

Lord President of the Council

Lord Privy Seal

Lord Great Chamberlain

Lord High Constable

Earl Marshal

Lord High Admiral


Lord Chamberlain

Lord Steward


Chancellor of the Exchequer

Lord Chief Justice

Attorney General

Solicitor General

Lord Keeper of the Great Seal

Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports

Master-General of the Ordnance

Master of the Rolls of the Court of Chancery

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

President of the Council in the Marches

President of the Council of the North

Lord Deputy of Ireland

Secretary of State

Officers of The College of Arms

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