Sir Robert CONSTABLE of Flamborough, Knight

Born: ABT 1418/ABT 1430, Flamborough, Yorkshire, England

Died: 23 May 1488, Flamborough, Yorkshire, England

Father: Robert CONSTABLE (Sir Knight)

Mother: Agnes GASCOIGNE

Married: Agnes WENTWORTH ABT 1442 / 2 Jan 1458, Flamborough, Yorkshire, England


1. Elizabeth CONSTABLE

2. William CONSTABLE (Sir)

3. Robert CONSTABLE of North Cliffe (Sir)

4. Margaret CONSTABLE


6. John CONSTABLE (Dean of Lincoln)


8. Phillip CONSTABLE

9. Catherine CONSTABLE

10. Richard CONSTABLE (b. ABT 1454)


12. Roger CONSTABLE (b. ABT 1455)

13. Dorothy CONSTABLE

14. Marmaduke CONSTABLE (Sir Knight)

15. Margery (Margaret) CONSTABLE


The details in this biography come from the History of Parliament, a biographical dictionary of Members of the House of Commons.

Born at Holme on Spalding Moor on Easter day 1423, son and heir of Sir Robert Constable (d. 1441), by Agnes dau. of Sir William Gascoigne CJ., married Agnes dau. of Sir Roger Wentworth of Nettlestead. She survived him and died 1496.

Elector, Yorkshire, 1442, 1447, 1449, 1450; elector, Lincoln city, 1450; on Yorkshire, comns, from 1444, including the array, Dec 1459: keeper of Fastolf's lands in Suffolk 1448-1453; J.P. East Riding, 16 Jun 1453 till death; summonded to the Gt Council for Yorkshire, Apr 1455 - as a Lancastrian; pardoned by the Yorkists as "of Flamburgh esq", 6 Oct, 1455: on Lancastrian comns, till May 1460, but knighted between 25 Jun 1460 and 10 May 1461 by Yorkists, and on all their comns. likewise. His brother-in-law Phillip Wentworth remained Lancastrian and was attainted. M.P. Lincolnshire 1459; Yorkshire 1478.

Sheriff, Yorkshire, and Mayor of York, 1461-2; sheriff, Yorkshire, 1478-9. J.P. Lindsey 16 May 1461 to 7 Sep 1470; steward of all lands in Yorkshire and Lincshire forfeited by the Earl of Northumberland and Lord Roos, Aug 1461; had grant of Hessle and Howden for life; pardoned 18 May 1462. One of an embassy to Scotland, Apr 1464, and negotiating the truce with the Scots at Newcastle, Oct 1466. Sheriff, Lincshire, 1466-7; pardoned 1468, and Feb 1469, and again 26 Nov 1471. The Readeption government put him on comns. and Edward IV pardoned and employed him. He was part-owner of a pirate ship in 1473; elected for Yorkshire in Dec 1477, and on all Richard III's comns. The King appointed, Sir Robert one of those to keep the border, 1484; and pardoned him as of Flamborough, alias of Somerby, Lincshire. Sir Robert remained on the Bench through every revolution and was pardoned by the Tudors, 16 Jan 1486.

Sir Robert died 23 May 1488; Marmaduke, aged 31 and more, was his son and heir. This Marmaduke was the 'Little Sir Marmaduke' who faught at Flodden with his sons, John, Marmaduke and William. He has many descendants.


Biographies of the members of the Commons House 1439-1509, Josias C. Wedgwood and Anne D. Holt 1936. p213.

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