Philadelphia CAREY

(B. Scrope of Bolton)

Born: ABT 1552, Bolton, Lancashire, England

Died: 3 Feb 1627, Langer, Nottingham, England

Buried: Langer, Nottinghamshire, England

Father: Henry CAREY (1 B. Hunsdon)

Mother: Anne MORGAN (B. Hundson)

Married: Thomas SCROPE (10 B. Scrope of Bolton) 1584, Clovelly, Devonshire, England


1. Emanuel SCROPE (1 E. Sunderland)

I want to thank Karen Bergquist, of the Bristol Renassaince Faire, for the research she had done about Philadelphia Carey

Philadelphia Carey was born at Cannonrow in Westminster several years before Queen Elizabeth came to the throne. The exact dates seem to vary in the sources which is typical of the time. Her father was Sir Henry Carey, 1 Baron Hunsdon, and her mother was Anne Morgan. She was the 4th of 11 children and the second daughter. Her older brothers George and John each inherited the Hunsdon title, her older sister Catherine married Charles Howard, Baron Howard of Effingham and was later Countess of Nottingham. 

Philadelphia and her family served the Queen in a variety of trusted positions. Came to court in 1558 as a maid of honor. Even after her marriage to Thomas Scrope, 10 B. Scrope of Bolton, Mascham and Upsall, she remained in the Queen's service as one of her ladies-in-waiting. Henry Carey served as Warden of the Eastern Marches on the Scottish border. His friend Henry Scrope 9 B. Scrope was Warden of the Western Marches, the marriage between Philadelphia and Thomas was arranged by the fathers to cement political ties between the two great families. Philadelphia and Thomas had only one son, Emmanuel.

She was raised in an interesting combination of homes. A large part of her life was spent up on the Scottish borders, a rough country where you needed to be strong to survive. The other part of her childhood was spent at Court where you needed a different kind of strength to survive.

She wore mourning during the Earl of Essexs imprisonment in 1599 and campaigned for his pardon in 1601. She was with Queen Elizabeth Tudor when she died in 1603 and went on to serve Queen Anne.

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