(C. Southampton)

Born: ABT 1492, Skipton, Yorkshire, England

Died: Aug 1550/1, Farnham, Surrey, England

Buried: 1 Sep 1550/1, Farnham, Surrey, England

Father: Henry CLIFFORD (10º B. Clifford)

Mother: Anne St. JOHN (B. Clifford)

Married: William FITZWILLIAM (1º E. Southampton) Nov 1513, Skipton, Yorkshire, England

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Mabel Clifford was one of the daughters of Henry, 10th baron Clifford and Anne St. John, daughter of Sir John St. John of Bletsoe and cousin to Henry VII. Her brother Henry became first earl of Cumberland in 1525.

In Nov 1513, she married William Fitzwilliam, a gentleman usher, younger son in a cadet branch of a relatively undistinguished Yorkshire family. Henry VIII attended the wedding and gave the bride a manor in Staffordshire and an annuity of £100. She was at court as a lady in waiting to Catalina of Aragon.

On 12 Nov 1537 Mabel was in the first Chariot at Queen Jane’s Funeral Procession, with Mary Arundell, Countess of Sussex; Frances Brandon, Marchioness of Dorset; Eleanor Paston, Countess of Rutland; Cecily Daubeney, Countess of Bath; Lady Margaret Douglas and Elizabeth Scrope, Countess of Oxford.

She was named an executor of her husband’s will in 1542 and specifically charged with continuing the annuity of £100 to his niece, Mabel Browne. He left each of his wife’s gentlewomen £6 13s. 4d. “over and besides” two year’s wages.

The lands of William Fitzwilliam, Earl of Southampton which included, besides such further Sussex property as the manor of Midhurst, some 4,600 acres in Hampshire, were to pass to his half-brother Sir Anthony Browne on the death of the widow, Mabel Clifford. Although Browne died before the Countess, he had already come into possession of at least one of these estates, Cowdray, which was to become the family seat.

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