(5th B. Scrope of Bolton)

Born: 22 Jul 1435, Bolton, Yorkshire, England

Died: 17 Aug 1498

Buried: St. Agatha, Yorkshire, England

Notes: Knight of the Garter.

Father: Henry SCROPE (4 B. Scrope of Bolton)

Mother: Elizabeth SCROPE (B. Scrope of Bolton)

Married 1: Joan FITZHUGH (B. Scrope of Bolton) 22 Nov 1447


1. Henry SCROPE (6 B. Scrope of Bolton)

Married 2: Elizabeth St. JOHN (B. Scrope of Bolton) BEF 10 Dec 1471


2. Mary SCROPE

3. Elizabeth SCROPE

Married 3: Anne HARLING (B. Scrope of Bolton) (dau. of Sir Robert Harling) (w.1 of Sir William Chamberlain - w.2 of Sir Robert Wingfield) AFT 9 Feb 1490/1491

Scrope,John(5BScrope)01.gif (35926 bytes)

Fought as a Yorkist. Also in expeditions to France and Scotland. Seriously wounded at the Battle of Towton. Henry VI is reputed to have come to Bolton after losing the Battle of Hexham. Scrope looked after him well for two days before he departed. Within 4 miles of Bolton the King was apprehended by the Earl of Warwick, who conveyed him to the Tower of London, where he was murdered, probably on the orders of Edward IV. Scrope subsequently supported the Earl of Warwick when he rebelled against Edward IV. Scrope was pardoned by Edward and was named as an executor, the Duke of Clarence, executed by being drowned in a butt of Malmsey wine. Scrope subsequently supported Richard III, closely related to both Catesby and Lovell, fighting at The Battle of Bosworth Field. Pardoned again by Henry VII, he then supported Lambert Simnel's Revolt. Thomas, Lord Scrope of Masham, with John, Lord Scrope of Bolton besieged York, thinking that the citizens of York would support The Yorkist Pretender. They received no support and were defeated. Both were heavily fined. Scrope of Bolton was ordered to remain within 22 miles of London.

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