(4th E. Rutland)

Born: BEF 1552

Died: 24 Feb 1587/8, Nottingham

Buried: St. Mary the Virgin Church, Bottesford, Leicesterhire, England

Father: Henry MANNERS (2° E. Rutland)

Mother: Margaret NEVILLE (C. Rutland)

Married: Elizabeth CHARLTON (C. Rutland) (d. Mar 1594) (dau. of Francis Charlton of Apley Castle and Cicely Fitton) Mar 1574


1. Edward MANNERS (d. young)

2. Roger MANNERS (5° E. Rutland)

3. Francis MANNERS (6° E. Rutland)

4. George MANNERS (7° E. Rutland)

5. Oliver MANNERS (Sir Knight)

6. Bridget MANNERS

7. Frances MANNERS (B. Willoughby of Parham)

8. Elizabeth MANNERS (C. Sunderland)

9. Mary MANNERS (d. 18 Apr 1588)

10. Anne MANNERS

Manners,John(4ºE.Rutland)01.jpg (39094 bytes)

Detail of the portrait of John Manners, 4° Earl of Rutland

at Belvoir Castle

Manners,John(4ºE.Rutland).jpg (37471 bytes)

John Manners, 4th Earl of Rutland, c.1675

(oil on canvas) by Jeremias van der Eyden

Born BEF 1552, was the second son of Henry, second Earl of Rutland, by Margaret, fourth daughter of Ralph, Earl of Westmoreland. John, a colonel of foot in the Irish wars, became Earl of Rutland in 1587; and in the same year was constituted constable of the castle of Nottingham, and lord lieutenant of that county. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Charlton of Apley in the county of Salop, esq; and had by her (who was buried at Bottesford, Mar 24, 1594) he had five sons; Edward, who died young; Roger, Francis, and Sir George, successively earls of Rutland; and Sir Oliver. His daughters were Bridget, married to Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettelby, co. Lincoln, esq; son and heir to Sir Robert Tyrwhitt, knight; Frances, to William, lord Willoughby of Parham; Elizabeth, to Emanuel Scrope, Earl of Sunderland, but died without issue; and Mary, who died unmarried in Apr 1588.

John Manners, when became the 4th Earl of Rutland, tried to prevent his sister in-law Isabel from receiving what was clearly promised to her under her late husband’s will, claiming that the huge payment for Edward’s funeral should first be paid in full out of her share. Isabel had to sue her brother in-law and seemed to have won, if only partially, when the issue was decided by arbitrators, including Lord Burghley.

By his last will, made Feb 23, 1587-8, when “sick of body, but of good and perfect remembrance,” he ordered his body to be buried in the church of Bottesford; and “the order and charges of his funeral, disposing to the poor, and ordering of his tomb, he leaves to the discretion of his executors and the supervisors of his will.

Manners,John(4ºE.Rutland)02.jpg (39976 bytes) The executors were, his wife Elizabeth, Countess of Rutland; Roger, lord Ros, his son; his uncle John Manners, Esq; and Roger Manners, one of the esquires for the Queen’s mejesty’s body; his loving father in law Sir Francis Rodes, one of her majesty’s justices of the court of common pleas; his loving cousin Sir George Chaworth, Knight; and the supervisors (to each of whom he gives a piece of plate worth 20 £) were the lord high treasurer Burghley, and the Earl of Leicester lord steward of her majesty’s houshold. To his younger sons, Francis, George, and Oliver, he gave certain specific manors and lands in Yorkshire; and to his daughters 1000 £ each. Manners,John(4ºE.Rutland)03.jpg (108292 bytes)

He died the 24 Feb, the day after the execution of his will; which was proved May 1, 1588.

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