(5th E. Westmoreland)

Born: ABT 1524/5

Died: 10 Feb 1562/63/64, Kelvedon, Essex, England

Buried: Staindrop

Notes: Knight of the Garter.

Father: Ralph NEVILLE (4 E. Westmoreland)

Mother: Catherine STAFFORD (C. Westmoreland)

Married: Anne MANNERS 3 Jul 1536, Holywell, Shoreditch, Middlesex, England


1. Charles NEVILLE (6 E. Westmoreland)

2. Eleanor NEVILLE

3. Ralph NEVILLE


5. Catherine NEVILLE

6. Adeline NEVILLE

Married 2: Jane CONSTABLE 1549

Married 2: Jane CHOLMLEY (C. Wesmoreland) (dau. of Richard Cholmley and Catherine Constable) ABT 1550, Roxby, Yorkshire, England

Married 3: Margaret CHOLMLEY (C. Wesmoreland) (dau. of Richard Cholmley and Catherine Constable) (w. of Henry Gascoine) ABT 1559, Roxby, Yorkshire, England

Son of Ralph Neville, fourth Earl of Westmoreland, by his wife, Catherine, dau. of Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, was born in 1525 (cf. Letters and Papers, Henry VIII, iv. ii. 4891). Knighted, 30 Sep 1544, after the surrender of Boulogne. He held the office of Carver to the King in 1545. He fought in the the Earl of Hereford's great and successful raid into Scotland in Sep 1545. On 7 Jun 1546 he was attached to Lord Lisle's embassy to France for the negotiation of the Treay of Camp. On 1 Oct 1546 he was committed to the Fleet for plotting to murder his father and wife by witchcraft (he was heavily in debt for gambling). He confessed, but in Mar 1547, after the death of Henry VIII, he was pardoned and released in early 1547. His father was ordered on 24 Mar 1546/7 to take him back and pay his debts. He succeeded to the title of 5th Lord Neville [E., 1459]; 8th Lord Neville of Raby [E., 1295] and 5th Earl of Westmorland [E., 1397] on 24 Apr 1549. He was invested as a Privy Counsellor (P.C.) before 26 Feb 1550/1.

He held the office of Chief Commissioner to divide the debatable land between England and Scotland on 8 Mar 1551/2. Privy Councillor probably in 1552, and ambassador to Scotland in the same year. He held the office of Lord Lieutenant of the Bishopric of Durham on 16 May 1552. He was invested as a Knight of the Garter on 16 Dec 1552. On 16 Jun 1553 he was one of the 26 peers who signed the Letters Patent to agreed to settle the crown on Lady Jane Grey on Edward VI's death, but swiftly declared for Mary, and bore the second sword and the cap of maintenance at her coronation. He was commander of the the capture of Scarborough Castle in Apr 1557 then held in rebellion by Thomas Stafford.

He held the office of Chief Commissioner to treat with the commissioners of Mary, Queen of Scots on 25 May 1557. He was Captain General of the the Horse in the North on 30 May 1557. He held the office of Steward of life of Galtres Forest, Yorkshire on 3 Jul 1557. He was Lieutenant-General of the the North between 22 Jan 1558 and Dec 1558, probably in succession to the more usual appointment of warden of the west marches. He held the office of Commissioner to fortify the castle and town of Berwick on 11 June 1558. He was admitted to Gray's Inn on 22 Jan 1561/62.

Married firstly (aged 11) Lady Anne Manners, second daughter of Thomas, 1st Earl of Rutland, 1536; secondly Jane, daughter of Sir Richard Cholmley; and, thirdly, her sister Margaret, widow of Sir Henry Gascoigne. Died 1563, was succeeded by his elder son, Charles.

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