Elizabeth CAPELL

 (M. Winchester)

Born: ABT 1485

Died: 25 Dec 1558

Buried: 7 Feb 1559, Basing, Hampshire, England

Father: William CAPELL (Sir Mayor of London MP)

Mother: Margaret ARUNDELL

Married: William PAULET (1° M. Winchester)


1. Alice PAULET

2. Margaret PAULET

3. Margery PAULET

4. Eleanor PAULET

5. John PAULET (2° M. Winchester)

6. Thomas PAULET of Cossington

7. Chidiock PAULET

8. Giles PAULET

Daughter of William Capell, a draper who was Lord Mayor of London in 1503/4, and Margaret Arundell. In 1505 she married William Paulet of Basing, who was created Marquess of Winchester in 1551. Their children were: John; Thomas; Chidiock, Governor of Southampton under both Queens Mary and Elizabeth; Giles; and four daughters: Alice, Margaret, Margery and Eleanor; the last of whom married Sir Richard Pecksall, Master of the Royal Buckhounds, and died on 26 Sep 1558.

In Oct 1535, Henry VIII visited them at Basing House. In 1538, Elizabeth was paid 10s. for attending Princess Mary. On 30 Jul 1550, she was questioned about having consulted with fortune tellers and confessed she’d asked to be told about her husband, the earls of Bedford and Warwick, and others. She was not prosecuted.

As Marchioness of Winchester, Elizabeth attended Mary when she rode through London in Jan 1553. On Sep 30, the day before Mary's coronation, she rode with her from the Tower to Westminster, and attended Queen Mary at her coronation on 1 Oct. On Wednesday 25 Jul 1554, Lady Margaret Douglas and the Marchioness were train bearers for the Queen at her wedding to Felipe of Spain on 25 Jul 1554 in Winchester Cathedral. On 4 Aug 1557, she was chief mourner at the funeral of Anne of Cleves.

Elizabeth was buried at Basing on 7 Feb 1559.

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