(C. Pembroke)

Born: 18 Mar 1523/4

Died: 18 Jul 1588

Buried: 8 Aug 1588, Erith, Kent, England

Father: George TALBOT (4º E. Shrewsbury)

Mother: Elizabeth WALDEN (C. Shrewsbury)

Married 1: Peter COMPTON of Compton 29 May 1537/8


1. Henry COMPTON (1º B. Compton)

Married 2: William HERBERT (1° E. Pembroke) AFT 20 Feb 1552

Anne Talbot was the daughter of George Talbot, 4th earl of Shrewsbury and his second wife, Elizabeth Walden, dau. and coheir of Sir Richard Walden of Erith.

Her half brother was Francis Talbot, fifth Earl of Shrewsbury; and she also had many half sisters, among them Mary, Countess of Northumberland, Margaret and Elizabeth, Baroness Dacre of Gillesland.

A contract was made in 1530 with George Talbot, 4º Earl of Shrewsbury to marry Anne Talbot with a Darcy, probably Sir George or his son Thomas. Although there was no subsequent marriage. On 29 May 1537, she married Peter Compton and was the mother of Henry, 1st baron Compton.

In May 1552, Anne became the second wife of William Herbert, earl of Pembroke, who married her for her money and connections. On frequent occasions Queen Elizabeth dined with Lady Pembroke at Baynard’s Castle in London. On 25 Apr 1559 the Queen supped at Baynard’s Castle, Pembroke’s house. 15 Jan 1562 Queen stayed overnight at Baynard’s Castle. On 28 Apr 1562, according to rumor from the Spanish Ambassador, the Queen married Lord Robert Dudley there.

On 17 Feb 1563 a double marriage was celebrated at Baynard’s Castle between Herbert and Talbot families. Francis, son of George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury, married Anne, daughter of William Herbert, earl of Pembroke, and Henry Herbert married Catherine Talbot.

On 28 Jun 1564 the Queen went secretly to Baynard’s Castle to dine and to see St Peter’s Watch. On 14 Feb 1566 Elizabeth went ‘disguised’ to dine at Baynard’s Castle. Between the 8 and the 10 of Jul the Queen stayed at Pembroke’s Hendon house.

When Pembroke died, Anne received a letter of condolence from the Queen and was allowed to keep her own clothes and jewels, which would otherwise have gone to her eldest stepson, and stay in Baynard’s Castle.

Anne died in London and was buried at Erith, Kent on 8 Aug 1588.

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