Elizabeth I

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Director: Tom Hooper

Writer: Nigel Williams

Producer: George Faber - Charles Pattinson - Suzan Harrison - Barney Reisz

Production Designer: Eve Stewart

Photography: Larry Smith

Costume: Mike O'Neill 

Music: Rob Lane

Helen Mirren and Jeremy Irons star in Elizabeth I, a two-part HBO Films miniseries event that explores the intersection of the private and public life of Elizabeth I in the latter half of her reign, offering a personal look at her allies, her enemies and her suitors as she struggled to survive in a male-dominated world. Part 1 explores the middle-aged Elizabeth's tempestuous relationship with the Earl of Leicester as it survives a French suitor, war, treason, and illness. Part 2 follows Elizabeth through her later years, during which she had an equally passionate affair with the young, ambitious Earl of Essex, who had been raised, ironically, by his stepfather Leicester.

Elizabeth I looks beyond the myth at the woman behind the crown, striking a balance between the queen's desire to find love and passion, and her responsibility to the monarchy.

Filmed in Vilnius, Lithuania, Elizabeth I was directed by Tom Hooper, a Best Director Emmy® nominee for Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness, which also starred Mirren. The film was written by BAFTA-winning screenwriter and acclaimed novelist Nigel Williams (The Wimbledon Poisoner, Bertie and Elizabeth, Uncle Adolf).

Cast List:

Helen Mirren .... Elizabeth I
Jeremy Irons .... Earl of Leicester
Hugh Dancy .... Earl of Essex
Jeremie Covillault .... Duke of Anjou
Patrick Malahide .... Sir Francis Walsingham
Ian McDiarmid .... Lord Burghley
Toby Jones .... Robert Cecil 
Barbara Flynn .... Mary Queen of Scots
Erick Deshors .... Jean de Simier
Simon Woods .... Gifford
Diana Kent .... Lady Essex
Toby Salaman .... Dr. Lopez
Geoffrey Streatfield .... Sir Anthony Babington
John McEnery .... Jesuit Priest
Martin Savage .... Stubbs
David Delve .... Sir Francis Drake
Martin Marquez .... Don Bernadino de Mendoza
Charles Millham .... Priest
Anne Firbank .... Lady Anne
Mykolas Dorofejus .... Davison
Rimantas Bagdzevicius .... Howard of Effingham
Remigijus Bilinskas .... Man with Pitchfork
Arvydas Dapsys .... MP
Geoffrey T. Bersey .... Hatton
Ewen Bremner .... King James VI
Will Keen .... Francis Bacon
Eddie Redmayne .... Earl of Southampton
Ben Pullen .... Sir Walter Raleigh
Charlotte Asprey .... Frances Walsingham
Malcolm Terris .... Chaplain
Douglas Reith .... Judge
Anna Steel .... Lady in Waiting
Ramunas Rudokas .... Thomas Burghley


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