The Virgin Queen


Director: Henry Koster

Writer: Harry Brown - Mildred Lord

Producer: Charles Brackett

Music: Franz Waxman

Costume: Charles Le Maire - Mary Wills

Makeup: Ben Nye - Perc Westmore


A young Walter Raleigh is introduced to queen Elizabeth I. An unlikely friendship grows but is threatened by her jealousy of his love for a beautiful lady-in-waiting, young Bess Throckmorton. Raleigh is imprisoned in the Tower of London but Elizabeth relents and Raleigh sails off with his love.

Rod Taylor has an uncredited bit part as Corporal Gwylim in this film. Taylor has about two minutes of screen time in this movie as he delivers a message to Raleigh in an almost incomprehensible brogue.


Cast List:

Bette Davis .... Queen Elizabeth I
Richard Todd .... Sir Walter Raleigh
Joan Collins .... Bess Throckmorton
Jay Robinson .... Chadwick
Herbert Marshall .... Lord Leicester (Robert Dudley)
Dan O'Herlihy .... Lord Derry
Robert Douglas .... Sir Christopher Hatton
Romney Brent .... French Ambassador
Leslie Parrish .... Courtier (as Marjorie Helen)
Lisa Daniels .... Mary
Robert Adler .... Postillion Rider (uncredited)
Frank Baker .... Physician (uncredited)
Barry Bernard .... Patch Eye (uncredited)
John Costello .... Town Crier (uncredited)
Ashley Cowan .... Sailor (uncredited)
Lisa Davis .... Jane (uncredited)
Noel Drayton .... Tailor (uncredited)
Arthur Gould-Porter .... Randall, the Ship Builder (uncredited)
Nelson Leigh .... Physician (uncredited)
Ian Murray .... Gentleman of the Bedchamber (uncredited)
Rod Taylor .... Cpl. Gwilym (uncredited)
David Thursby .... Landlord (uncredited)
Margery Weston .... Dame Bragg, Throckmorton's Lady-In-Waiting (uncredited)

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