The Prince and the Pauper


Director: Giles Foster

Writer: Mark Twain (book) - Duke Fenady and Dominic Minghella (teleplay)

Music: Stanislas Syrewicz

Makeup: Klaudia Király

An impoverished lad with an abusive, alcoholic father, Tom dreams of a life of riches and adventure, while Prince Edward Tudor, son of the often-merciless King Henry VIII (Alan Bates), dreams of being a normal child and being able to play in rags. When Tom tumbles unnoticed through the guarded gate and onto the grounds of the royal palace, he meets the young Prince. The two boys become fast friends and embark on an adventure of their lifetime - trading places! With the help of an altruistic stranger, Miles Hendon (Aidan Quinn), the Prince overcomes John Canty’s wrath and imprisonment, while Tom finds himself trapped behind the royal gates and fending off the nefarious Lord Hertford (Jonathan Hyde).

Cast List:

Aidan Quinn .... Miles Hendon
Alan Bates .... King Henry VIII
Jonathan Hyde .... Lord Hertford
Jonathan Timmins .... Prince Edward
Robert Timmins .... Thomas Canty
Tom Potter .... Chief Gentleman
Ian Redford .... John Canty
Alison Newman .... Ann Canty
Aaron Keeling .... Dan Hunter
Sam Jones .... Stephen Bartlett
János Gyuriska .... Hugh Hendon
Ruth Platt .... Sarah
James Saxon .... Father Abbot
Perdita Weeks .... Lady Jane Grey
Luke Smith .... Kitchen Boy
Lajos Balázsovits .... High Sheriff
James Greene .... Archbishop
Paul Brooke .... Magistrate
Joanna Bacon .... Applecart Lady
Michael Mehlmann .... Gentleman of the Balm
Sándor Téri .... Innocent Bystander
Zoltán Gera .... Merchant
Zoltán Bezerédy .... Ruffian
Piroska Molnár .... Farmers Wife
Laszlo Gorog .... Magistrates Clerk
Ben O'Brien .... Constable #2
Tibor Szervét .... Palace Guard #1

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