Mary, Queen of Scots


Director: Charles Jarrott

Writing credits: John Hale

Produced by: Hal B. Wallis

Music: John Barry

Cinematography: Christopher Challis

In this historical drama, Mary must battle Queen Elizabeth I, her brother James, the Scottish Lords, the Scottish protestants, her husband and herself to secure the crown for her son and heir, the future James I of England.Redgrave does a spirited job in the title role as the headstrong and romantic queen who came to an unfortunate end. Mary is raised in France by her mother's Catholic family, from whom she inherits the Scottish title after her mother's death. She claims the throne much to the dismay of her Protestant half-brother James Stuart (McGoohan) and England's equally Protestant Queen Elizabeth (Jackson), who does not want her own Catholic subjects to get any ideas. Mary makes two unfortunate marriages and winds up being betrayed, eventually forcing Elizabeth to eliminate her dangerous cousin.

Cast List:

Vanessa Redgrave .... Mary Stuart of Scotland
Glenda Jackson .... Queen Elizabeth I
Patrick McGoohan .... James Stuart, Mary's Brother
Timothy Dalton .... Lord Henry Darnley
Nigel Davenport .... James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell
Trevor Howard .... Sir William Cecil
Daniel Massey .... Robert Dudley, Elizabeth's Horsemaster
Ian Holm .... David Riccio
Andrew Keir .... Ruthven
Tom Fleming .... Father Ballard, Mary's Confessor
Katherine Kath .... Catherine de Medici
Beth Harris .... Mary Seton, Mary's Lady in Waiting
Frances White .... Mary Fleming
Bruce Purchase .... Morton
Brian Coburn .... Huntly
Vernon Dobtcheff .... Duc François de Guise
Raf De La Torre .... Cardinal de Guise
Richard Warner .... Walsingham
Maria Aitken .... Lady Jean Bothwell
Jeremy Bulloch .... Andrew, Bothwell's Henchman
Robert James .... John Knox
Richard Denning .... Francis II, King of France

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