Lady Jane

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Director: Trevor Nunn

Studio: Paramount Studio

Music: Stephen Oliver

In 1553, England's idle rich were anything but idle. With the blessing of the royal family, they plundered the riches of the church, stole the finest farmlands, and generally took all of the best things the country had to offer. A great-niece to the infamous Henry VIII, Lady Jane Grey disapproved of the way her fellow nobles behaved and disagreed with their religious beliefs. But as a sheltered sixteen-year-old, there wasn't much she could do about it. Then, through a strange turn of events, Lady Jane Grey was crowned Queen Jane, ruler of all England. Based on the true story of the girl who found herself Queen of England for nine days at age 16, Lady Jane is historical romance at its bittersweet best.

Cast List:


Helena Bonham Carter ... Lady Jane Grey
Cary Elwes ... Guilford Dudley
John Wood ... John Dudley, Duke of Nothumberland
Michael Hordern ... Doctor Feckenham
Jill Bennett ... Mrs. Ellen
Jane Lapotaire ... Princess Mary
Sara Kestelman ... Frances Grey, Duchess of Suffolk
Patrick Stewart ... Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk
Warren Saire ... King Edward VI
Joss Ackland ... Sir John Bridges
Ian Hogg ... Sir John Gates
Lee Montague ... Renard, the Spanish Ambassador
Richard Vernon ... William Paulet, Marquess of Winchester
David Waller ... Archbishop Cranmer
Richard Johnson ... Earl of Arundel
Pip Torrens ... Thomas
Matthew Guinness ... Doctor Owen
Guy Henry ... Robert Dudley
Andrew Bicknell ... John Dudley
Clyde Pollitt ... Peasant Leader
William Morgan Sheppard ... Executioner
Zelah Clarke ... Anne Wharton
Laura Clipsham ... Catherine Grey
Janet Henfrey ... Housekeeper
Brian Poyser ... Under Treasurer
Philip Voss ... Herald
Robert Putt ... Steward
Stewart Harwood ... Tavern Keeper
Carole Hayman ... Brothel Keeper
Richard Moore ... Soldier
Michael Goldie ... Porter
Denyse Alexander ... Dressmaker
Gabor Vernon ... Jeweller
Robert Martin Oliver ... Singer
Nicky Croydon ... Singing Maid
John Abbott ... Manservant
Jeannette Fox ... Wedding Dancer
Alison Woodgate ... Wedding Dancer
Philippa Luce ... Wedding Dancer
Eliza Kern ... Wedding Dancer
Krzysia Bialeska ... Wedding Dancer
Cryss Jean Healey ... Wedding Dancer
Adele Anderson ... Lady Warwick
Anna Gilbert ... Amy Dudley

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