Henry VIII


Assumpta Serna

as Catalina of Aragon

Helena Bonham Carter

as Anne Boleyn

Emilia Fox

as Jane Seymour

Pia Gerard

as Anne of Cleves

Emily Blunt

as Catherine Howard

Claire Holman

as Catherine Parr


Emilia Fox

as Jane Seymour

David Suchet

as Cardinal Wolsey

Mark Strong

as the Duke of Norfolk

Sean Bean

as Robert Aske

Danny Webb

as Thomas Cromwell



Director: Pete Travis

Writer: Peter Morgan

Producer: Francis Hopkinson

Music: Rob Lane

Costume: Lucinda Wright

Cinematographer: Peter Middleton BCS

Editor: Eddie Mansell

Casting Director: Celestia Fox

Production Designer: James Merifield

Art Director: Jacqueline Abrahams

Visual effects supervisor: Simon Frame


Henry VIII ascended to the throne as a lithe, handsome seventeen-year-old and died after an extraordinary thirty-eight year reign, an embittered, obese invalid.
The rest of Europe looked on in amazement as Henry, desperate for a male heir, cast aside the older, but loyal, Catalina of Aragon for a series of marriages with wives who are probably better known for the way their lives ended than they lived - the determined temptress Anne Boleyn, the pious yet tragic Jane Seymour, the outcast Anne of Cleves, the adulterous Catherine Howard and finally the devoted Catherine Parr.
This tale of Henry VIII depicts the sexual intrigue, betrayal and rivalry that existed within his court, in a reign notable for its political and religious upheaval, violence and corruption.


Cast List:


Ray Winstone   Henry VIII
Assumpta Serna .... Catalina of Aragon
Helena Bonham Carter .... Anne Boleyn
Emilia Fox .... Jane Seymour
Emily Blunt .... Catherine Howard
Pia Gerard .... Anne of Cleves
Claire Holman .... Catherine Parr
David Suchet .... Cardinal Wolsey
Danny Webb .... Thomas Cromwell
Mark Strong .... Duke of Norfolk
Sean Bean .... Robert Aske
Lara Belmont .... Mary Tudor
Marsha Fitzalan .... Duchess of Norfolk
Edward Tudor Pole .... Friar Peto
Kelly Hunter .... Lady Rochford
Edward Kelsey .... Campeggio
Michael Maloney .... Thomas Cranmer
Rhys Meredith .... Thomas Smeeton
Charles Dance .... Duke of Buckingham
Thomas Lockyer .... Edward Seymour
William Houston .... Thomas Seymour
Benjamin Whitrow .... Thomas Boleyn
Dominic Mafham .... George Boleyn
Christopher Good .... Sir John Semour
Scott Handy .... Lord Henry Percy
Joss Ackland .... Henry VII
Sid Mitchell .... Young Henry VIII
Tom Turner .... Francis Dereham
Terence Harvey .... Bishop Gardiner
Joseph Morgan .... Thomas Culpepper


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