Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall


Director: Marshall Neilan - Mary Pickford

Writer: Waldemar Young

Producer: Mary Pickford

Cinematography: Charles Rosher

Costume: Mitchell Leisen

Actual folk of history move across the background, now and then becoming pawns in the story. Dorothy, petulant, headstrong, violent tempered and lovable, wins her choice. Miss Pickford is Dorothy, and the role will please her army of followers. Although lovely optically, it offers little new. Workmanlike of technique, her acting strikes no big spark. It is careful and considered all the way. This mood of care seems to run all through the production. It moves slowly. It lacks pace and, in a measure, spontaneity. There are two performance of vitality in the production. Claire Eames' Queen Elizabeth is admirable. Her Virgin Queen will linger among your celluloid memories. Estelle Taylor's few moments as the tragic Queen of Scots have poignancy. Miss Taylor has been steadily advancing. Actually, "Dorothy Vernon" comes pretty near being old home week for the Pickford family. You will find Lottie Pickford as a serving maid to Dorothy, and Allan Forrest, her husband, as the heroic John Manners. Marshall Neilan is the director, and his hand is apparent in the frequent little comedy sequences.

Cast List:

Mary Pickford .... Dorothy Vernon
Anders Randolf .... Sir George Vernon
Marc McDermott .... Sir Malcolm Vernon
Carrie Daumery .... Lady Vernon
Allan Forrest .... Sir John Manners
Lottie Pickford .... Jennie Faxton
Wilfred Lucas .... Earl of Rutland
Clare Eames .... Queen Elizabeth
Estelle Taylor .... Mary, Queen of Scots
Courtenay Foote .... Earl of Leicester
Colin Kenny .... Dawson
Julie Bishop .... Child Extra (as Jacqueline Wells)

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