Anne of the Thousand Days

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Director: Charles Jarrott

Writer: Maxwell Anderson (play) Bridget Boland

Producer: Richard McWhorter  (associate producer ) Hal B. Wallis

Cinematography: Arthur Ibbetson

Costume: Margaret Furse

Music: Georges Delerue

Henry VIII's obsession with siring a male heir endangers all around him: his courtiers, his government servants... He was King. She was barely 18. And in their thousand days they played out the most passionate and shocking love story in history!

The masked girl who interrupts Queen Katherine's prayers is played by an unbilled Elizabeth Taylor.

Anne: But Elizabeth is yours. Watch her as she grows; she's yours. She's a Tudor! Get yourself a son off of that sweet, pale girl if you can - and hope that he will live! But Elizabeth shall reign after you! Yes, Elizabeth - child of Anne the Whore and Henry the Blood-Stained Lecher - shall be Queen! And remember this: Elizabeth shall be a greater queen than any king of yours! She shall rule a greater England than you could ever have built! Yes - My Elizabeth Shall be Queen! And my blood will have been well spent!

Cast List:

Richard Burton .... King Henry VIII
Geneviève Bujold .... Anne Boleyn
Irene Papas .... Queen Katherine
Anthony Quayle .... Cardinal Wolsey
John Colicos .... Thomas Cromwell
Michael Hordern .... Thomas Boleyn
Katharine Blake .... Elizabeth Boleyn
Peter Jeffrey .... Norfolk
Joseph O'Conor .... Fisher
William Squire .... Thomas More
Valerie Gearon .... Mary Boleyn
Vernon Dobtcheff .... Mendoza
Gary Bond .... Smeaton
Terence Wilton .... Lord Percy
Denis Quilley .... Weston
Esmond Knight .... Kingston
T.P. McKenna .... Norris
Michael Johnson .... George Boleyn
Marne Maitland .... Campeggio
Nora Swinburne .... Lady Kingston
June Ellis .... Bess
Cyril Luckham .... Prior Houghton
Brook Williams .... Breareton
Lesley Paterson .... Jane Seymour
Amanda Jane Smythe .... Baby Elizabeth
Nicola Pagett .... Princess Mary
Whit Bissell .... (uncredited)
Kate Burton .... Serving Maid (uncredited)
Liza Todd Burton .... Beggar Maid (uncredited)
Kynaston Reeves .... (uncredited)
Elizabeth Taylor .... Courtesan (uncredited)
Rita Tobin-Weske .... Midwife (uncredited)


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