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Mary03(min).jpg (68223 bytes)

Mary Tudor
about age 9
attributed to Lucas Horenbout (or Hornebolte)
watercolour on vellum, circa 1521-1525. (Mary's brooch says "The Emperor")
National Portrait Gallery

Mary02.jpg (133954 bytes)

Princess Mary I
by Master John
oil on panel, 1544
National Portrait Gallery

Mary01(sketch).jpg (53807 bytes)

A sketch of the Princess Mary, by Holbein c. 1536
Windsor Castle, Royal Library Her Majesty the Queen


HenryVIII&Mary&Will.jpg (105937 bytes)

Henry VIII, Princess Mary and Will Sommers, the King fool



Mary06.jpg (104511 bytes)

Queen Mary I
by Hans Eworth
oil on panel, 1554
National Portrait Gallery

Mary07.jpg (78657 bytes)

Mary in 1554
by Mor
The Prado, Madrid

Mary(copy).jpg (118926 bytes)

Copy of Mor Portrait of Mary


Mary11(medal).jpg (79035 bytes)

A medallion from Mary's reign
at the British Museum
Photograph by Lara E. Eakins

Mary10(bust).jpg (35779 bytes)

An Italian marble bust of Queen Mary from the late 16th century
In the collection of the Earl of Scarsborough

Eliza&Mary.jpg (120435 bytes) Mary08.jpg (177808 bytes)


Mary04.jpg (112522 bytes)

Queen Mary
Society of Antiquaries


Mary12.jpg (28305 bytes) Mary(apsley).jpg (13339 bytes)

Portrait of Mary in the collection of Apsley House in London. It is said to be a 17th Century copy of a portrait by Antonio Moro

Woodcut of the Princess Elizabeth interview with her sister Queen Mary
British Library


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