Governors of the Island of Jersey

The island of Jersey and the other Channel Islands represent the last remnants of the medieval Dukedom of Normandy that held sway in both France and England. Following the Norman Conquest, the Sovereign would appoint a Warden,  a 'protector' for his Channel Islands (les Iles Normandes).  In the twelfth century they were termed Gardiens or Seigneurs des Iles and there is little historic record to show exactly the names of these Norman noblemen. Also then, it was to some extent obligatory for a nobleman to make a pilgrimage to the Terre-Sainte (Palestine) - it was profitable in more ways than one; and this would mean appointed Guardians would be confusingly substituted and sometimes, of very short tenure.

The following group is from research by M. Julien Havet (Paris 1876); H. Marret-Godfrey; J.A. Messervy and others - and carries the caveat that it must not be considered conclusory.


  Governors Lieutenants
1212-1224 Phillip d’Albini  
1227-1227 William De St. John  
1230-1232 Henry De Tuberville  

Phillip d’Albini and

William De St. John

1232-1234 Phillip d’Albini (2nd time)  
1234-1239 Henry De Tuberville (2nd time)  

Gérard De Lambersard;

William De Dampierre and

William Blom

1235 Drogo De Barentin  
1240 William De Boeles  
1241-1252 Drogo De Barentin (2nd time)  
1271-1275 Arnaud Jean  
1275-1294 Othon De Grandison Ralph De Broughton; Phillip Burnel; Phillip l’Eveque; Guille De Saint-Remi; Renaut d’Ashwell; Peter Darcy; William De Grandison; Henry, Prior De Wenlock
1294-1297 Henry De Cobham  
1297 Nicholas De Cheney  
1298-1328 Orthon De Grandison (2nd time) Henry, Prior De Wenlock; Denis De Tilbury; John De Newent; Ralph Eudes; John De Ditton; Pierre De Petitfeu; Pierre De Balmes; Gérard d’Orons
1328-1331 John De Roche Peter Bernard; Laurens De Gaillard

William De Montagu and

Henry De Ferrers

1337-1340 Thomas De Ferrers  
1343-1347 Thomas De Ferrers (2nd time)  
1349-1354 John Maltravers  
1354-1357 William Stury  
1376-1393 Hugh Calvilegh  
1393-1396 John Golafre  
1396-1415 Edward, Duke of York  
1447-1449 Anne De Beauchamp

  (the current nomenclature - Gouveneur, Lieut G. or Député G.)

1461-1467 Pierre De Brézé, Comte De Maulévrier  
1470-1483 Sir Richard Harleston  

Matthew Baker and

David Philippe

1488-1494 Matthew Baker (2nd time)  
1497-1501 Thomas Overay  
1503-1531 Sir Hugh Vaughan Roger Bouton; Thomas Raoul; Richard Castel
1532-1534 Sir Anthony Oughtred  
1534-1536 Sir Arthur Darcy  
1536-1537 Thomas Vaux, Lord Vaux  
1537-1550 Sir Edward Seymour  
1550-1574 Sir Hugh Paulet Amyas Paulet; George Paulet
1547-1590 Sir Amyas Paulet  
1590-1600 Anthony Paulet (son of preceding Gov.)  
1600-1603 Sir Walter Raleigh George Paulet
1603-1630 Sir John Peyton George Paulet; John Peyton, (son); Aaron Messervy; Philippe De Carteret; Elie De Carteret; Josue De Carteret
1631-1643 Sir Thomas Jermyn Francis Raynsford; Philippe De Carteret; Philippe Marett
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