Richard PACE

Born: ABT 1482

Died: 1536

English diplomatist, was educated at Winchester under Thomas Langton, at Padua, at Bologna, and probably at Oxford. In 1509 he went with Cardinal Christopher Bainbridge, Archbishop of York, to Rome, where he won the esteem of Pope Leo X, who advised Henry VIII to take him into his service. The English King did so, and in 1515 Pace became his secretary and in 1516 a secretary of state. In 1515 Wolsey sent him to urge the Swiss to attack France, and in 1519 he went to Germany to discuss with the electors the impending election to the imperial throne. He was made dean of St Paul's in 1519, and was also dean of Exeter and dean of Salisbury. He was present at the Field of the Cloth of Gold in 1520, and in 1521 he went to Venice with the object of winning the support of the republic for Wolsey, who was anxious at this time to become Pope. At the end of 1526 he was recalled to England, and he died in 1536. His chief literary work was Defruclu (Basel, 1517).

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