(Bishop of Carlisle)

Born: Carlisle, Yorkshire, England

Died: 1616

Henry Robinson a native of Carlisle, educated at Queen's College, Oxford. An excellent disputant and preacher, was, in 1581, elected provost of Queen's College, Oxford, and in 1599, was one of Queen Elizabeth's commissioners for ecclesiastical causes.

In 1598 one Christopher Robinson was executed for high treason at Carlisle, on account of exercising his functions in England as a Roman Catholic priest. Bishop Robinson visited him while in confinement prior to his execution. This is the only instance in the diocese of Carlisle of martyrdom for religious opinions unconnected with actual rebellion.

He died in 1616, like his predecessor, of the plague. Bishop Robinson is commemorated in his cathedral and in his college by a small brass (in duplicate) which has frequently been engraved.
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