Born: ABT 1551, Ripley, Yorkshire, England

Died: 3 Jun 1586, York, Yorkshire, England

Father: William INGLEBY of Ripley (Sir)

Mother: Anne MALLORY

English martyr, born about 1551; suffered at York on Friday 3 Jun 1586. He was a barrister, but later became a Roman Catholic priest.

Fourth son of Sir William Ingleby of Ripley, knight, by Anne, daughter of Sir William Malory of Studley, knight. He was probably a scholar of Brasenose College, Oxford, in and before 1565, and was a student of the Inner Temple in 1576. On 18 Aug, 1582 he arrived at the English College, Reims, where he lived at his own expense. He was ordained subdeacon at Loan on Saturday, 28 May, deacon at Reims, Saturday, 24 Sep, and priest at Loan, Saturday 24 Dec, 1583 and left for England Thursday, 5 Apr 1584. (These four dates are all new style).

He laboured with great zeal in the neighbourhood of York, where he was arrested in the spring of 1586, and lodged in the castle. He was the one of the priests for harbouring whom Margaret Clitherow was arraigned. At the prison door, while fetters were being fastened on his legs he smilingly said, "I fear me I shall be overproud of my boots". He was condemned under 27 Eliz. c. 2 for being a priest. When sentence was pronounced he exclaimed, "Credo videre bona Domini in terra viventium". Fr. Warford says he was short but well-made, fair-complexioned, with a chestnut beard, and a slight cast in his eyes. He was hanged, drawn and quartered at York on the 2nd of Jun, 1586 for being a priest.


The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII

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