Edward LEE

(Archbishop of York)

Born: ABT 1482

Died: 13 Sep 1544

Famous for his attack on Erasmus, who replied to him in his Epistolae aliquot eruditorum virorum. Like Rowland, Edward was useful to Henry VIII in the matter of the divorce of Catalina of Aragon, and was sent by the King on embassies to the Emperor Carlos V and to Pope Clement VII.

In 1531 he became Archbishop of York, but he came under suspicion as one who disliked the King's new position as head of the English Church.

At Pontefract in 1536, during the Pilgrimage of Grace, the Archbishop was compelled to join the rebels, but he did not sympathize with the rising and in 1539 he spoke in parliament in favor of the six articles of religion.

Lee was the last Archbishop of York to coin money.

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